(-_-) Icon Blur, Taktau Nak Letak Tajuk Apa

After much worries, 72 hours worries to be exact, of him not texting and calling me of his whereabouts in Singapore, H called me last night just after I came back from the gym.

"I miss you" he said.

Whenever he said 'i miss you' I always feel the urge to add/ask, "like banyak-banyak?"

And he said "Yes sayang, I miss you banyak-banyak"

To which I replied, "Maybe you should go to Singapore and had your phone had no coverage with flat battery more often."

And so we laughed.

Nak meradang sebab dia tak inform anything upon his arrival in Singapore terus tak jadi..


Mushy story set aside, a very good friend of mine is getting engage in May next year. Oh I'm so excited! She's like a best friend to me which is weird because after the age of 8 years old, I don't have any best friend anymore. The thing is, aku jenis kawan dengan semua orang in a big group. So when you befriended everyone in a big group, it's hard to say this person and this person is your best friend without having offended someone or making others terasa. Kiranya aku ni nak jadi politically correct person la. So I always refer to someone that's significant to me, a good or very good friend, depending on how good they're to me. Muahahaha. Keji kan?

So this very good friend of mine is very excited of her upcoming engagement ceremony, I bet because unlike me, she's been going out with the same person for 7 years! I have known H for 7 years and after we broke up, I dated my senior for 2 years before finally broke up with him (the senior) to be back together with H. Sounds complicated? I bet. Even aku pun pening nak explain.
She'll be receiving all the hantarans only during the engagement and not on both occasion i.e. engament AND solemnization. Menarik bukan? Sangat menarik especially untuk jimat. I also want something like this except both H and I decided not to bertunang tapi terus kahwin sajork tapi plan kitorg telah di overrule oleh bapaknya..maka kami terpaksa, diulangi terpaksa bertunang sebelum kahwin nanti. Why nanti? Sebab ini hanya draft untuk plan, belum lagi plan. So jangan tanya dengan lebih lanjut tentang tarikh mahupun theme colour.

This is ridiculous la, theme colour yang head to toe, from air sirap, the tent scallop to the family of the bride, the bride and groom themselves all don the same colour..what's left for the bride to be and feel special on her day if all the eff-ing family wore the same colour as she is? I believe that bride and groom should wear white/off-white only and style it up la of course.

OMG, I am so excited for you Fatimah! Cepatlah bertunang and kahwin! *tetiba*


reena said...

Ahahhahahaaha! Kita samaaaaaa! Suka tanya, "Rindu byk2?" bila dia pi out station on weekdays. Padahal err..almost every weekend jumpa :p (I ingat i sorang je gedik, ada geng rupanya. Muahaha!) P/S: Baru tau tu icon blur.

Moose said...

kan? haha. bf kita sure nyampah kan? haha