It's been a while since the last movie that I watched. If I'm not mistaken it was Pisau Cukur. I know that 2012 and Twilight: New Moon are on the show these days but I don't feel like watching both of them because:

a) I don't like any end-of-the-world-we're-all-gonna-die-except-the-hero/heroin-and-supporting-actor/actress kind of story. So not my cup of tea. That's explain why I don't watch Armageddon, War of the World or whatever movie (at cinema, tv tu lain cerita)

b) I watched Twilight, out of option if I may add. We (the siblings and 1 hip cool aunt) actually want to watch Bond's Casino Royale on that day but it turned out that the next show was in another 2 hours. Not wanting to waste the time, we watched Twilight without having any idea what the movie was all about. Half-way through the movie I made some conclusion(s):

i) Kristen Steward sucks as an actress. My drama gay friend is way better in acting than her.

ii) The plot kinda slow and made me sleepy.

iii) Remember the scene in the jungle where Edward Cullen (Rob Pattinson) tore off his cloth to Bella in the sunlight only to reveal that his body is glitter-y? Like wtf man? Vampire=glitter? So.Not.Cool. Vampire supposed to be dark, mysterious and evil not glittery! Leave it to the drag queens. I was hoping that his skin burnt off or something that normally happened to vampire if they're exposed to the sunlight. But boy, was I wrong.

iv) This movie is a teen-movie. Half of the hall were girls (and their boyfriend and also pre-mature sexually confused boy) in their teens, who hopelessly squeal with glee at every (camera) glimpse of Edward Cullen or Rob Pattinson, either way.

v) I so dig the bad vampire that wanted to kill Bella (which will end Kristen Steward's bad acting skills). That's real vampire man! Damn hot.

Before I get burn on the stake for provoking Twilight's fans, I guess I better stop now.
Boringnya choices of good movie sekarang! What should I watch then?


reena said...

Hah. U memang. Saja nak provoke i. Tettttttt! Haha! :p

Moose said...

oops, ter-provoke ke? hikhik. sorry couldn't help it. terasa nak tulis pasal ni since semalam FlyFm ada komen pasal Kristin Steward's bad acting skill.