Of RIP And Resolution

May you rest in peace, Brittany Murphy.
Lagi 4 hari before Christmas. Not that I'm celebrating, I just looking forward to public holiday and series of movies on tv. And pay-day. And shopping day. And that discounted Hush Puppies 450 thread count bed sheet at Living Quarters at 70% off its price. And that Akemi bed sheet too. And McCall Winter Edition Ballerina of Crocs, that I used to diss so much. Arrggh.
This is totally cliche but towards the end of the year, without fail we're always asked of what our resolution for the new year. For the year 2010, mine would be:-
  1. To save more and spend less. Kata nak beli rumah sebelum umur 30, but at the rate (of shopping) that I'm going, macam mana? Umur dah 40 pun belum tentu dapat beli pondok. Haish.
  2. To exercise constantly, eat healthy and finally lose the extra flab of fat that pooches out from the midsection-area.
  3. To get another job that not only suit my qualification, it also pays more.
  4. To be a better muslim, better daughter, better girlfriend and a better human being.
  5. To be more open and embrace the fact that babies or kids aren't nuisance. This resolution deserve and entry of its own. Will blog more on this.

5 je? Cukuplah kot. Azam banyak-banyak tapi tak tercapai pun tak guna jugak, idak?

What's your resolution for 2010?


reena said...

Yang resolutions tu i jawab kat blog aci tak? Hehe.

Moose said...

haha. aci aci.