Kerana Diriku Begitu Berharga

In my previous entry I did mentioned that I was looking for a place to do facial.

So, the search for the facial place begin. Jaja recommends Ree's Skin. And so I gooogled it. After reading all the reviews from various sources, I decided not to go to Ree's Skin. Somehow I was not convinced. Then I stumbled upon this place, Herbaline. From what I read, they use herbal based products bearing the same name from Taiwan. And what interest me the most is that for 1st trial, the price is only RM28 for a 90 minutes facial. It was tempting so yesterday after I did my eyebrow threading at this Indian salon, I drove my way there.

Oh for those who lives in the Subang area and too lazy to drive all the way to Bangsar for eyebrow threading, you can go to this Indian salon named Rahsia Bidadari. It is located opposite Giant USJ, quite next to Secret Recipe's. I did upper lips and eyebrow threading there and costs me RM10. The girl did a very good job. Not only she threads, she trims the eyebrow as well. I like mine a bit thick but yesterday she kinda made mine a bit too thin for my liking. But overall I'm satisfied.

After that, I went to Herbaline. It was already 6.30 pm and they closed at 6. However the beautician still let me in and I made an appointment at 12pm the following day, which is today.

So today at 11.50am I was already there. Semangat seh. Berkobar-kobar. After filling up the card, the beautician (Jenifer) showed me what kind of treatment she's going to do on me. My treatment costs about RM79. But I paid only RM28 since it was my first trial with them. Before I was ushered inside the treatment area, I was given this sweet herbal tea to drink. Then she asked me to take off my shoes and put my feet into the basin filled with water and sea salt. I was then asked to scrub my feet. After scrubing, I was told to breath in this concoction of aromatherapy herbs 3 times before being taken into the facial area. She gave me a sarung to be worn as tube top and a shower cap. After changing my clothes, the treatment began.

First she cleanse while massaging my face and head. At first it was weird but soon after I was enjoying it. Then she puts this something that soothing and cool before the ultra something something treatment begin. This ultra something something is a machine they use to remove the dead cells off your skin more effectively. Then she steam the face before the extraction of the black/whiteheads.

I must say that the extraction doesn't hurt much. Maybe because I have high pain tolerance kot. Or maybe because I don't have much black/whiteheads. Then she puts mask on my face while massaging the shoulders and head. I was then left alone for about 30 minutes and dozed off to lala land. Afterwards she cleanse the face and put some moisturizer and the facial ends. I was given some lemongrass soup that taste surprisingly good! After that she introduced the products that they carry. She also commented that overall my skin is good but only dehydrated. I like the fact that they don't try to push the customers into buying their stuffs. I mean, if the products are good enough, you don't need much persuasion to buy them, am I correct?

They also have back massage with back masker and others that costs only RM79. The treatment is only from Monday to Friday though. Facial treatment is throughout the week. I also got RM10 off voucher for my next visit. At this time after I paid the bill, I thought that the session is already over. I was surprised that I was being ushered back to the treatment area.........................

to do fish spa!

Tu dia kebulurun ikan-ikan Gurra Ruffa tu semua. Dapat kaki aku terus kenyang. Akak merasa bangga kerana dapat berbakti serta melakukan amal jariah dengan memberi makhluk-makhluk Allah makan. Tak dapat bagi makanan ikan bagi sel kulit kaki mati pun jadi lah. Hiks.

"Alhamdullillah, murah rezeki kita hari ini ye, Cik Bedah?"

"Betul tu Cik Yam, cepat makan nanti habis pulak.

"Haaa, Cik Yam, Cik Bedah jangan malu-malu tambah lagi. Apa makan sikit sangat tu?"

Dulu dah pernah buat fish spa ni masa pergi night safari dekat Zoo Taiping. Ada promotion depan pintu masuk zoo, RM5 untuk 10 minit. Meraung-raung kegelian aku selama 10minit tu. Yang ni pun 10minit jugak. Nasib baik 10 minit je. Kalau tak ada aku pulak yang pergi gigit ikan-ikan tu sekor-sekor. Wagaga. Tak tahan akak u'ols. Rasa nak terkucil masa buat ni pun ada.

So, I highly recommend this Herbaline facial to those who are interested. The only downside is that the room is very very dim. But other than that I'm quite satisfied with their service. The one that I went is in Subang SS14, after the KESAS highway interchange in USJ.

Kerana diriku begitu berharga.....



NahWaL said...

ai nak jadi cik yam boleh? yem yam yem yam. agagagaga.

geli moose ikan gigit kaki. ikan gigit kaki ikan bawal tak?ahahahha..

NahWaL said...

weh ko kje mana moose

reena said...

Waaa! Dah lama tak buat facial! Dulu masa kat Penang, every months buat facial at Sothy's (Senang, kat bwh umah je). Teringin nak buat fish spa. Tak pernah buat lagi.

Moose said...

nawal: jadilah..ko nak jadi ikan bawal pun boleh nawal oi. haha. aku keje USJ Subang. boring gila. tak sabar nak dapat keja baru.

reena: Soothys tak mahal ke? around rm200 jugak kan? kalau you tak geli macam i ok jugaklah fish spa ni. kalau tak rugi la bayar tapi tak tahan geli. i have high pain tolerance level tapi cepat geli.

NahWaL said...

keje apo? aku pon sebok carik kje kat jb. apsal kena ikot laki, laki la pindah sini. wu

reena said...

Mahal gak. Tapi i amik pakej. RM1K something gak la. Tapi puas hati. But now sejak keja Putrajaya, dah stop.

That's so Jaja said...

moose, lps kawen i pindah usj 11. Nk try la herbaline ni. cam menarek gile je...

Moose said...

nawal: sekarang keje buat sales. so not my forte. aku nak keje jadi engineer woi. penat aku belajar dari kecik sekali tak jadi engineer jugak bila besar.

reena: wow, 1k tu. i rarely go for facial and i prefer not to sign up any package kat mana. no string attached gitu.

jaja: ye, sila-sila tapi i think herbaline product is a bit too mild for me. but overall ok la just to try it out kan..

NahWaL said...

mesti ado la, ko tere.