Masak-Masak Bersama Moose

Ok, yesterday I did mentioned about home-made facial that apparently made my skin glows like glow worm, right? As requested by Jaja, here's the recipe.

Credit to Michell Phan for the recipe

Selamat datang ke rancangan masak-masak ye puan-puan. Untuk resipi kali ini yang diberi nama Olive Oil Sugar Scrub atau dalam bahasa Melayu Skrub Gula Miyak Zaitun ini, bahan-bahan yang diperlukan ialah:

3 tablespoon (tsp) EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil.

Ingat, extra virgin sahaja, yang tidak virgin atau masih virgin tapi sudah ringan-ringan tidak boleh. *matilah double meaning kekdahnya*
Reason being, we don't want to slather greasy frying oil on our face. More on extra virgin oil can be read here.

1/2 cup of granulated sugar

2 tsp of honey.

This kind of honey not below

Bukan Honey ini
p/s: Waaa... bila body mau macam ini Jessica Alba??

Ni nak guna madu Australia ke New Zealand ke madu tualang sekali pun it's totally up to you. Advise from Michelle, if you're allergic to honey, you can substitute it with aloe vera.

Bila bahan-bahan sudah tersedia, bolehlah kita mula ye puan-puan.

Mix everything together in a plastic container with a lid. This is so that you can save the rest for later. The mixture should not be too liquid, oily or grainy. It should be somewhat of a mushy consistency, depending on how much sugar, olive oil or honey you put in.

Wash your face like normal with your regular cleanser.
Then apply the mixture onto your face and gently exfoliate your skin with it. The sugar will supposely remove all the dead skins and the olive oil and honey should nourished your skin and keep it moisturized. Let it for about 2 minutes.

After that wash your face and pat them dry. Put on your moisturizer.

Your skin should not be too oily. If it does it means that you've added too much olive oil in the mixture. It should be soft and moisturise. Your should see the glow in your skin due to honey.

I used this every alternate days or everday if I have the time back in the days when I was in Germany. These days I just buy one from local drug store because it is more convenient. But if you have the time, you should try this because trust me, it works. Actually you can also use this mixture as a body scrub. Try it and you'll love the smell of sweet honey on your skin.

It is good for dry skin like mine especially in the winter where the weather is harsh to your skin.
Selamat mencuba!


That's so Jaja said...

hohoho.....great! thx moose! blk ni nk cuba tross....

That's so Jaja said...

Moose, quote:

"Ingat, extra virgin sahaja, yang tidak virgin atau masih virgin tapi sudah ringan-ringan tidak boleh"

So funny okeh!!! Hahahaha....

NahWaL said...

Mana aku nak cekau gula pasir ek. HA HA. minggi ni gak ai try~

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Hey, I used to follow Michelle's blog too when I was in the UK! And babe, I've tried that extra virgin olive oil punye scrub jugak! Works wonder seriously. Tapi sekarang dh jarang la buat. Takdak masa huhuhuhu

Christina said...

Hi. I was just browsing through blogs and came across your and literally shrieked with excitement. Moose are my favorite animal ever! So I was just leaving a comment to let you know you know you made my day. :)

Moose said...

jaja: no problemo. try it you'll love it! haha, saje kan suka letak ayat double meaning.

nawal: sila beli di pasaraya hypermarket yang berdekatan.

TSS: oh really? bestkan her blog with loads of makeup tutorial and DIYs. I have yet to rty her aspirin honey facial mask.

christina: thanks (not sure whether you're spam or a real person though)

reena said...

Omg "Ingat, extra virgin sahaja, yang tidak virgin atau masih virgin tapi sudah ringan-ringan tidak boleh.". Pengsan haku gelak.

Moose said...

reena: hihi. saje kan buat ayat double meaning.