Vintage Make-up

As you may or may not know, I am an avid vintage lover. In other words, I'm a sucker of everything that is vintage. Vintage shoes, clothing, bags or men. Eh, vintage men don't count. And neither do cars.

Exhibit A: Vintage men. Ini ai takmau

Exhibit B: Vintage men ini ai mau la..hihiks

Since I'll be DIY-ing my own make-up on my engagement day, lately I've been searching high and low for some inspirations. And what do I look for in make-up?

  1. As natural as possible. I want to look presentable and nice but not to the point even my own mother cannot recognise me.

  2. Easy to do. Something that even someone with the very basic skills can do. Someone like me la tu. Muahaha.

  3. Using make-up tools that I already have or if not, things that I know I will be using again and again. Like a good liquid eyeliner or something.

  4. Instructions that are not complicated to follow.

I google-d up vintage make-up tutorial and found fews on Youtube. Among those my favourites are.....

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S55acLTllss Sorry, can't embedded the video here as it has been disabled by the user. But it is easy and I like it. But maybe I'll opted out the flaming red lips. Not much for my liking. I'd go for something more light and demure. Also, red lipstick is notorious for making one's teeth looks yellow, which I want to avoid that! Unless you have a veeerrrryyy white teeth like this one,

Look at my grills, they are shining, bling!

p/s: If you have the time, watch this video. The girl is so cute and pretty and she's still in high school! Another make-up tutorial from her that I like is this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S55acLTllss. A tutorial on Kim Kardashian inspired make-up.

I also love this girl, she's a genius! I followed her blog before and tried one of her recipe for natural home-made facial scrub and it works like wonders to me skin! My skin was glowing like a glow worms. Eh, apakah? Perbandingan yang tidak best.

This one is from Amy B - Old Hollywood make-up


That's so Jaja said...

ohh...bestnye! pls post that home-made facial scrub recipe! :)

Moose said...

Jaja: Ok, will try to post the recipe, once i found it.hihi

That's so Jaja said...

Coolness! btw, lovin ur blog... :)