Today I finally called the make-up artist for the upcoming engagement. This MUA was recommended by one fellow blogger and a bride-to-be as well, Qistin. Her (or His?) name is Kak Ram (or rather Abang Ram patutnya). (S)He very chatty and very friendly, but unfortunately (s)he's booked on the day that is going to be my engagement day. So (s)he can't promise that (s) can come to my house in Perlis to do me. Kak Ram is based in Alor Star. And from Alor Star to my house it would take about 45 minutes.

Haruskah aku meroyan, stomping on cars with breath of fire?!!

Me, in my BrideGodzilla outfit

She even suggested that if I insist on taking her, I can come to her (or his), gender confuse betul house right after Subuh and she can do my make-up there. The rombongan will prolly come at 9-10am so she can have enough time to make me pretty. Tapi sungguh gigih lepas Subuh terus pergi jumpa Kak Ram untuk make-up. Selalunya lepas Subuh aku bantai pergi tidur balik ade la..wagagaga.

Another option is not to hire Kak Ram tapi cari mana-mana make-up artis in Perlis. But, I don't know where to start. And isk isk I doubt if they have ehem, you know the touch of doing natural make-up and without me end up looking like an extra from the remake of Chinese Opera.

Do I look pretty? I feel pretty, eh no?

So how now brown cow? I thought bila date dah set, all other things will fall into its place, tapi nan ado. Though, food catering and canopy dah confirmed. Thanks to my parents yang actually agak eager tapi buat-buat tak excited. I know! Haha.

It seems that for the past 3 entries all I could think/write about is my engagement. Sorry readers, I will try to write about my gym progress whenever I have time.



NahWaL said...

Moose, try tak teh bridal.


rasanya diorang dekat alor setar jugak. santek gak.

makeup dia natural dan tak macam opera gerenti punyer.

Kalao tak, gasak ko la datang pepagi lepas subuh, hehe.

Moose said...

Ok thanks Nahwal. dah email takteh tadi. terasa sangat gigih ok,lepas subuh terus gerak nak pegi make-up. isk tak koser ai u'ols.

NahWaL said...

Tak Teh tu fabret aku tue. tapi apa jadah dari alor setar nak datang shah alam. murah je weh pelamin dia macam tue baru rm600. ada senior aku dah tanyakan.

NahWaL said...

moose, mintak sorry banyak2, ko tengok kat header dia, dia bukan kat alor setar, tapi kt taiping. if dia boleh buatkan untuk kau, kena tambah charge transport kot. aiyark. manyak sorry moi

Moose said...

tau. aku dah perasan dekat header dia tu tulis taiping, tapi there's no harm in asking kan..

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Hahahaha. Girl, you are so funny!

Moose said...

funny ke? hiks. thanks