Of Toned Arms

Mari kita tinggalkan hal-hal (remeh-temeh) mengenai majlis pertunangan dan tumpukan perhatian kepada perkembangan gim yang saya langgani sudah hampir 2 bulan!

*Ya Rabbi, apa ke pelik bunyi Bahasa Malaysia aku ni*

So, I weighted myself yesterday and na-da, no improvement whatsoever. Well, actually I weighted myself regularly you know, just to monitor the progress. The first few weeks after I started exercising regularly, the weighing scale hit 54kg! Which is good because it means that I'm gaining muscle. According to the trainer, Shauki I should gain (muscle) weight from 53.3kg (current weight at that time) to 54-56kg. After that my weight dropped from 54kg to 53kg and it sticks at that figure till today. And that concerns me because am I exercising right or not? Did I loose the body fat that I should loose? Or actually I already loose the fat and gaining muscle, but if so kenapa the weight on the scale is static?

Isk, haruslah aku pegi goda pujuk si Shauki to do the body fat measurement, free of charge. Hihi.
Though my arms and abs is waaaaaaayyy from those of Cameron Diaz, I can see some improve though. The abs is getting leaner and leaner. The arms are developing some muscles and more toned now. The clothes fit me better. I can wear my favourite kebaya nyonya without corset and worry whether my tummy will bulged or not. Hiks. Akak sungguh gumbira u'ols. Tapi makan still kena jaga and I allow myself to eat desserts only once a week. And I'm proud with myself for not breaking it, yet.
*Tepuk-tepuk bahu*

Look at her arms, aren't they to die for?

Now, I need to work more on my arms and abs if I want to have that of Cameron Diaz or Jessica Alba. Marilah rajin-rajin pergi BodyPump class!

BodyPump. Ape korang ingat yang ni ke (refer photo below)?

And btw, if the lunges (the movement) look easy wait till you do it yourself for 5 sessions of 10-15reps, with 2kg weight some more. Mahu otot peha dan hamstring ko rasa macam nak terbakar! Nak lagi kena trainer macam Gillian the trainer for The Biggest Loser tu kan, hazab sungguh u'ols. Demi body mantap akak rela!

Petrol pump

Ini punya pump tarak susah punya, brapa mau? seploh, duaploh? hijau ka merah? ayoooyoo, amma appa.


NahWaL said...

selamat tinggal la kepada aku, haram J aku tak lawat pon gym. hahaha

Moose said...

haha. ai tot u apply gym?