(Another) Hutang Gambar Post

All pictures taken using H's camera and edited using Poladroid software.

Will post more once I got all the pics for the official photographer.

I lost track on how many times I mentioned the word simple to describe my engagement day, and yet some people didn't really grasp the true meaning of the word simple and kept on blurting out negative comments on how "simple" my outfit was (didn't they know that the baju was inspired from Rizalman's - a reknowned local designer who like to keep things clean and again, simple?), how "simple" the hantarans were, how "simple" the bedroom decoration was, etc.

Maybe instead of snarky remarks, I should have just shove the Oxford dictionary to their face and have them look at the words meaning? Or are they expecting me to wear head to toe bling bling and french lace? Or the bedroom decoration should be filled with skirting and scallops? Or the hantaran should be made by NGI? Or instead of the amaturish make-up that I had, I should be getting all dolled up by Saidatulnisa?(she's future MIL's cousin, y'all)


Guess it's hard to please everybody but yourself.


Elly Anaille said...

i hate it too when ppl make comments when my idea of simple doesn't make up to their standards/expectations.

my engagement's baju kurung is simple too, and tailor-made cheaply. no blings, with just a simple veil. no extravagant hantarans' deco, and certainly no room deco as well.

but then, ppl talk. who cares? but it's gonna be hard when it is your own mother.

for my wedding, it's gonna be simple too. no overrated blings/beads. just a simple ones for my jubah outfit. that'all. and i can't wait for the degraded remarks from ppl. let's see...

Xora said...

Masa saya bertunang pun, saya takde baju tunang, tiada jemputan mahu pun kenduri. dan kawan2 asyik tanya aje, biar betul biar betul. Duhh!!!! Semua ni pasal pilihan. Ngapa la tak leh terima kalau kita nk buat simple pun???

P.s: Hey saya suka baju kamu. Cantik dan manis.!

NahWaL said...

Its hard pleasing everyone Moose. You want it this way, they want it that way, they think u shud have it this way, you dont like what ideas they have in mind.

Whos getting married here?

I think its not unusual for people to comment on how we do things, but just keep the comments to yourself right? Especially if they dont lift a finger to help u with the preparations.

i love how u did things your way, macam perempuan melayu terakhir.

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

As Nahwal said, it's so hard to please everyone. Especially the ones who badmouth about our ideas are the ones close to us.

But you know what, ignorance is bliss. The only opinions you need to listen to are the ones from your parents, his and him. If there are any conflicts with them, try explain why you want it to be done that way. Usually these people would understand and they would want the best for us.

So don't get overworked on it. Remember that preparing for your big day is supposed to be fun =).

I love the simplicity of your E-day by the way. I am having it done sweet and simple as well =)

Moose said...

true, regardless of what we do, people will still talk. if we do it in a simple matter, they talk. if we do it lavishly, they also talk. so i guess since it's possible to please everybody, we might as well please ourselves and not care much about what others think.

i like your jubah nikah! you bought it online right?

Moose said...

ngeee, thanks! betul tu, saya setuju! semua pun pilihan masing2.ada orang suka grand dan ada orang macam kita suka simple. terpulang pada masing2 la kan? alhamdulillah, kawan2 rapat saya tiada masalah. cuma sedara-mara (yang tua2) ada masalah sikit bila kita buat simple2 ni..

kan?? kepochi sangat. bagusla aku buat simple2 ni takdela aku nak menyusahkan orang tolong itu ini. nak plak orang yang komen tu tau datang and makan je, lepas tu komen macam2. macam perempuan melayu terakhir keeeee? hahaha.

thanks, i do believe that majlis tunang should be as briefly as possible and simple. as much as dont want to bother about all the -ve comments, somehow i terasa jugak. i have no problems with my parents, as they understand me well and diorang pun like to keep things simple. i guess somehow i inherited their simplicity kot. tapi these comments are from those who tau datang, makan and komen je..
good luck with your preparation and i do hope that yours will turn out well and beautiful.

reena said...

Tak pe la..Buat tak tau je. Memang susah nak please everyone. Lagipun less is more kan? Psstt..Muka ur fiance ada iras muka u la :)

NahWaL said...

HA HA HA. yes. as cheesy as it sounds, the only person I want to please that day was mr fiance himself. peduli dengan orang lain. LOL

hey u did good with the foundation

Moose said...

i buat taktau je. i mean kalau dia komen masa orang tengah prepare2, bolehla we take his/her comments into action kan..ni komen lepas majlis. what that person achieve? nada.

betul tu as long as the person that closest to us happy, i think that's all that matters.

Ami Schaheera said...

hehehe majlis bertunang i sangat simple ke? ntah lah buat pun kelam kabut preparations within 2 weeks T__T

but my mom beria2 sangat ajak org dtg mcm dah nak kawin siap ada khemah pasang satu, adohai rasa cam tak perlu kot sampai camtu.. baju mula ingat nak rent je. last2 i pakai baju kakak masa dia bernikah je. and veil rent. but masa ni me & fiance ambik peluang nak bagi hadiah kat masing2 so ada la hantaran.. yg overnya semua sedara mara i nak bagi sumbangan jugak dlm hantaran, jadinya dari 5 hantaran terus jadi 20??

erk.. tak sangka drama jugak kisah engagement ni kan.. org kampung cam saya ni memang poyo skit -_-"

sarahsayangjiman said...

pedulikan ape orang cakap dear.
Orang yang slalu cakap after majlis ni selalu nya tanak tgk kita happy.

Tengah kita happy nak cakap macam2.
And whatever flaw we have during that time lah, they would happily tell others. sakit hati.

Just do it ur own way. its your wedding. not theirs.

dedalie said...

benda dah lepas moose, biarkan. anyway sungguh comel korg berdua. muka korg cam ada iras laa..jodoh sejuk. :)

Moose said...

i pun orang kampung jugak! :)
masa i tunang pun ada khemah tapi satu jela untuk family makan sebab kalau semua nak makan dalam rumah tak muat. nasib baik jemputan terhad kepada family je.

i buat tak pedulik je...hihi

betul tu..biarkan je. diorang komen2 pun bukan boleh rewind balik pun.
ada iras ke? banyak orang cakap macam tu, tapi i dont understand why. eh banyak orang ke? okla a few yang cakap macam tu...