(Where To) Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan (?)

After series of mishap, sweat and tears, I (almost) got what I want. Alhamdulillah, I thank Allah for that. I also want to thank all my lovely readers out there for your encouraging, comfort words and prayers. I think the heartiest thank you goes to my fiance (hiks) and family who during dark times never fail to enlighten me.

I officially handed in my resignation letter to the Company last week as I'll joining the new company next Monday. When I received the interview invitation from them, I said this to H,

"I have good feeling about this company. It feels like my rezeki is probably with them"

I don't know about you but sometimes I have this strong intuition about something. And most of the time, I am not wrong. Scary kan?

*Lepas ni boleh jadi bomoh. Hihi*

As a token of appreciation for putting up with my meltdown and neurotic behaviour for the past 8 years months, I want to treat H for a lovely makan-makan at a very nice place.

Tapi.........Aku taktau nak bawak dia makan mana. Huhu.

I think:

Tony Roma's are so overrated. I don't like their oh-so-famous ribs. The only thing I like is their cendawan goreng tepung atau dalam bahasa glamer, fried mushroom and the shrimp cocktail salad ke ape jadah namanya.

Italiannies are only so-so. When you've been to Italy and tasted the original food there, nothing can compare to that. Eventhough you only survived on (vege/seafood) pizzas, pasta and bread for the whole week there.. And the heaven gelato. Hiks.

Chili's are his all time fave restaurant. I ordered something wrong in Chili's before and ended up not liking Chili's. Prolly will give Chili's another try.

TGI Fridays. We've been there so many times. Sudah boring!

Yellow Cab Taxi. I ordered a take out in their USJ branch. Nothing to shout about. In fact the pizza dough rasa macam hapak.

Sakae Sushi. Worth more than Sushi King. I like their soft shell crab but a bit oily to my liking.

Carl's Junior. Burger dia sangat heaven!!!

Popeye's. Bf like their fried chicken but as for me, I like their bread. Ya Allah sedap gila! Rasa macam makan muffin plak.

Kenny Roger's. Too common. Better than Nando's. I suka their muffin and rice. Chicken use to be bigger before but now, I wonder if they slaughter chicks rather than chicken.

Truth is, kitorang jarang makan luar since ermmm, plan to get married. Eat outside less means you get to save more money. So whenever we go out it's either dine at simple restaurant or warung. Or after we had lunch at home. I don't mind really. As long as the food is sedap. That's all that matters.

So, any suggestion? Help!


NahWaL said...

maybe u can bring him to one of the hotels? not necessarily 5 stars. i hear shah alam's melting pot at concorde is not that bad. or de palma's ampang . or shangrila. or mandarin oriental.

poyo je aku. haha

dedalie said...

ko masakkan nasi panas2, sardin, telur dadar, timun pastu piknik la mana-mana. menjimatkan dan sedap!

congrats with the job! is this your second job?

reena said...

Foodcourt KLCC? Hihi. Just kidding.

Cuba try test restaurant2 kat Solaris Mount Kiara. Kadang tengok cam best gak restaurant2 kat situ.

Or Teeq,rooftop Lot 10. Pemandangan cun bila malam. I tak pernah pi sana lagi tapi teringin.

Xora said...

takmo masakkan untuk dia? sejak saya dah tunang dan mengumpul duit, kitorang selalu buat piknik. save cost dan dapat borak2 dalam keadaan lebih selesa.

Moose said...

amboi hotel tu. tunggu aku kaya dapat duit nuffnang dulu kot. haha.

thanks! yes, this is my 2nd job.
masak nasik macam tu dah biasa buat dulu.aku rasa dia pun dah tak larat makan kot ape yang aku pernah masak.

Moose said...

dari foodcourt klcc, baik makan dekat taipan sajork. haha.
hmm jauhla pulak sampai nak ke mont kiara bagai. eh mount kiara tu mont kiara kah? never been to that part of place.

dulu masa duduk germany, whenever he came to visit me, i'll always cook for him and vise versa.siap 3 course meal lagi tu. tapi bila balik msia i no longer cook sebab kos nak masak untuk sorang di msia lagi mahal dari makan luar! hihi. tunggulah nanti after dah kahwin, insya Allah akan star masak balik. for now i nak belanja dia makan best2 je.

Ami Schaheera said...

mus! how about thai food, i tak ingat pulak nama restaurant itu but it's in midvalley near machines (apple shop).. sedappppp :)

but basically all thai high-class restaurant ada menu & chef yg sama je hehe.. my chinese friend bagitau

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Amarin Thai in Mid Valley. Good food. And owh hey, Tony Roma's at the Pavillion is waaay better than the ones in Mid Valley and Sunway Pyramid! I don't like their ribs but the grilled shrimp is nice. Or try Tamarind Spring in KL. Marriot Putrajaya punye hi-tea not bad, my family selalu makan situ kalaun nak celebrate ape-ape. Around RM80. Owh, Papa John's pizza kat Times Square sedap. Dipping die lemak berkrim! Haha, I love eating by the way. I can talk about food almost forever ok!

NahWaL said...

go on one of the putrajaya cruise. LOL. susah2 ko masak untuk dia, g tasik buat picnic. lagi romantik wooo.alang2 buat prewedding. suke suke aku je. hahahhaa

Moose said...

Ami: thai food sounds nice and I love thai food actually!

TSS: thanks! Papa john sounds delicioud. They open new branch in pyramid. Might as well go check them out

Elly Anaille said...

ayam penyet jela moose..hihi. ok ok. i'm kidding. ;p

saya suke the cosy place kat wangsa maju tu. or kokopeli. or bawak je die g mkn kat lookout point at ampang tu. ade beberapa restoran di atas tu yg agak best, boleh tengok view KL yg cun di mlm hari.