Welcome To Bikram Hot Yoga Torture Chamber

Geez, Moose..2 posts in a row. Too much of free time I guess?

Since I am a member of True Fitness, I received a phone call from them promoting the Bikram Hot Yoga Centre. Last month they asked me and a friend to go to their spa for a free back masssage at True Spa in Jaya 33. This time they asked me if I wanna give yoga a try. And so I said yes. Went to the centre in Taipan USJ to pick up the 7 days free trial pass and to put up with the talk from the sales consultant.

I purposely asked the session to be after the CNY, 5 days passed and I still didn't go. So, yesterday I finally did.

Prior to the gym and when I was in Germany, I've been practising a bit of Ashtanga yoga, Power yoga and Pilates. A bit jela. Here and there. Not devoted pun. Maybe because I've been doing it in the comfort room of mine. Bila malas, tak buat. Bila perasan rajin gemuk, baru buat. And it had been ages since I last practise.

All I know (from the brief introduction) is that in Bikram Hot Yoga the classroom is heated to 40 degree Celcius. This is for the extension of the muscle and therefore you get less muscle cramps while doing all the yoga positions. Unlike any other yoga, Bikram Hot Yoga only have 26 positions. You need to hold about 10-15 secs of each position in set of 3.

In yoga practises, there are no force. Buat sekadar yang mampu. If you cannot fully extend your legs during Pada-Hasthasana, bend your knees a bit. I'm quite familiar with all the 26's position so I thought revising my yoga wouldn't be such a problem.

But boy was I wrong. Big time. Out of 26, I think I can only do about 15. Or maybe less. I was sweating like mad and cursing lying for I seriously cannot take the heat.
Ni baru kelas hot yoga, kalau neraka jahanam wauallahulam macam mana pulak..Nauzubillah..

Akak terasa seperti roasted chicken ala Kenny Roger dalam oven yang dimasak oleh Amirul Syafique tu uols. Cuba letak stuffed potatoes sebelah aku, memang sebijik. Kejap-kejap tengok jam. Bilalah penderaan ini akan berakhir....huhu. Dahla kelas 90minit. Another 10 mins extra, for sure I'll passed out.

I have one session left, and the instructor ask me to come again today. Hmmm, we'll see about that. If I (still) have the courage to let myself in the torture chamber again.


bitsANDpieces said...

i've always wanted to try yoga and pilates. is the place really rec?

Moose said...

i did my yoga and pilates in my room. i bought the exercise dvds years ago. so far never been to any yoga or pilates classes in true fitness yet. in fact yoga classes in not under the gym, it's under true yoga. you have to have another membership there.

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