Of (Proposed) Date and (Some) Dresses Inspiration

Our nikah and reception (my side) is prolly in December.

I already proposed the date to my fiance (hiks, kelakar) and my parents. And they have nothing to object. So, lets hope that H's family agrees too.

I always wanted to have the akad nikah on a Friday. I feel like it is more berkat to have your akad on Friday, being the penghulu of all the days. Well, bukanlah hari lain tak bagus, its just for some unknown reason, I always like Friday.

Trivia: Did you know that in German, Friday is Freitag? Frei is literally free and Tag is day.

Montag, Dienstag, Mittwoch, Donnerstag, Freitag, Samstag, Sonntag

H informed me yesterday that his family would love to have a poolside reception on his side. Theme would be a Western wedding. He'll be wearing a tux! And me, a beautiful flowy dress should be fine. Oh, I can't wait to see H in a tux! Hihi.

I get to choose whatever design I like for the poolside reception but the ultimate decision maker is him. Because he probably know that I'll come up with something simple (again) and he wants something grand-ier, I guess. Something to do with to live up with his family's expectation.

Pfffff, men.

We have not decided on the theme colour yet, but he said that he likes turquoise or a greenish turquoise (huh?), which I'm glad to agree because apart from dull colours like black, white and grey, turquoise, blue and green are among my favourite colours! And I (think I) look good in them!

Some inspiration for the dress (for H reception)

Kaftan dress by Syaiful Baharim worn by the founder of iNNAi Izrin.
I like the intricate Moroccon-style beadings.

Flaming red (or is orange?) dress worn by Ashley Olsen.
I like the simplicity of the dress, that can stand out on its own

Shaliza's dress by Unaisah Azlan. Photo of Shaliza's taken from Unaisah's blog 

I love its sheerness, so romantic.
Romantik apenya jarang? (Bakal) laki aku la yang suke kot. Muahaha.
I love chiffon dresses, enough said.

Yang lain-lain? Tengah carik.....


Aida Narina said...

Wah dah ada tarikh! :) And omg, a reception by the poolside? I can i imagine that with u wearing the flowy dress and H wearing the tux. White lah..Mesti u teruja tgk H pakai tux putih :p Love it!

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Oohhhhh! We have a lot of similarities Moose. I want my solemnization to be on Friday for the same reason you stated! And best thing is, 11.11.11 is on Friday! Yay! Heeeee :-)

Poolside wedding? Coolness! In the 4th picture, is thata what you call chiffon? It looks so flowy. Love it. I'm still undecided lah on who to do my dress. Design, I have something in mind for both my events la but his? I dunno. I want something simple, kurung modern maybe but akad dah kurung. Ade design kurung yg menarik and lain tak?


reena said...

Poolside wedding? Wowww! Babee, i suka 4th dress tuu! Cantik sgt!

Elly Anaille said...

best la moose poolside wedding. dear, pls buat baju yg flowy2 okay. chiffon pls, lace is no-no. so over-rated. ;p however, i still suka white. buat cantik2 ok, jadik goddess. yeay!

dialicious said...

poolside recept?bestnye..romantic!gudluck w the date;)

Moose said...

yes, dah set the date! there are lots of drama happened to set the date. i so love flowy dresses. and yes, i cant wait to see my fiance in tux!

11.11.11 tu tarikh yang sangat cantik! too bad that both of us cannot wait another year to get hitched. hihi. i hentam je cakap tu chiffon dress. hihi. but i think it looks like it.

Moose said...

thanks! i love #4 too but then i found another dress yang bila i tengok, my fiance is so gonna love it. sekarang tengah confuse sudah.

i still prefer white too, but i'm pretty sure if i choose or wear lagi on his side, sure ade orang akan cakap2. besides he said he wants more colour.haha. nanti i buat cantik2 macam goddess. haha. berangan la sangat kan..

thanks diah!

Ami Schaheera said...

moose, i love all of your inspiration dresses! pool side receptions seems really cool, i can imagine floating candles and flowers in the pool omg so romantic :))

Moose said...

i said the same thing to my fiance tu, floating candles and flowers in the pool! i also said to him pls add helium balloons as well.