DIY Projects

Currently I have 2 DIY projects going on for my wedding.

One is pomander balls or pom-pom balls.

The inspiration for the pomander balls came when I was browsing my favourite wedding website, Snippet & Ink when one bride used her DIY-ed pomander balls as the chairs deco and another one used DIY-ed pom-pom balls.

Pictures taken from Snippet & Ink's website

I turned to my saviour, Google and found the tutorial on Martha Stewart's wedding website. The instructions are very easy and within minute, you get a almost carnation look-alike from crepe paper. Voila!

Although in the instruction it use tissue paper but I find the outcome is more beautiful if you substitute it with crepe paper. The reason crepe paper works so well because it deliver that close to real flower feeling that lies within the wrinkles of the crepe paper.

I just made 3 "flowers" and tend to make more. Once I assemble everything on the polysterin balls, I will snap the pic and share it with all of you.

Instead of 5x10 inch as per instruction, I change it to 4x4 inch. It's enough for a small to medium size flower to be assembled on a smal to medium size polysterin ball.

Question: Where can I buy medium size polysterin balls? Went to Kedai Bunga Reben (Jalan TAR, next to Nagoya textile shop) yesterday but I forgot to ask them about it. I know in Floristika Bangsar they don't have the polysterin kind and only the green wet sponge (for fresh flowers) because I already asked them.

Another DIY project is poppy flower boutonniere. You can find the tutorial in Martha Stewart wedding (but I lost the link, sorry) or the one that I'm planning to follow is from Grosgrain.

Picture from Grosgrain

I have not started on this project yet but from the looks of it, it's not that difficult to do. I left my printer at my parents house so the only way to print out the flower pattern is to print it out at the office. Or I can just email my boyfriend the patterns and ask him to print it out. Yeah, I think I'll asked him to print it out.

Why the need of boutonniere, you may ask.. Well, apart from wearing colour coordinated clothes during the kenduri, I want some sort of identification so that the guests will know who's the family members and who's getting involve and whatsnot. I don't like the typical flower rosette that is available at the store so I'm planning to do it myself. To add my personal touch to the whole wedding, so to say. Furthermore this poppy boutonniere is also for keepsake. And that is why I'm trying to make it as cute and hip as possible. Oh, we'll see how it turn out later. Whether it's still cute and hip as I imagined it to be. But of course I'm planning to make a smaller size from the one in the picture.

But.....I'm still deciding if th epoppy boutonniere will still look good on ehem, the male family members? Maybe I'll create a smaller poppy boutonniere for them? Or just a ribbon rosette for them to wear?


reena said...

Wahhh kreatifnya! Bagusla u punya 'research'. Nanti bila i nak jadi bridezilla, i refer kat u la. Hehe. Kan best kalau i pon boleh join u sekali now. Haihh. Tapi i nak 11.11.11. Heh.

Elly Anaille said...

moose, i like this post! i like brides yg DIY. owh owh, i pun tgh mencari rossette/buttoniere utk bezakan which one's my family and which one's my bf's family (since it's combined wedding).

thanks so much for the info tho!

Moose said...

if u think i'm creative wait till u see other b2b. diorang lagi creative ok! i tak creative sangat tapi i like doing crafts.

no prob! i DIY pun benda simple2 je. yang confirm i boleh buat. ngeeee

Ami Schaheera said...

moose i love both ideas! i nak buat pomander with paper roses but tersangatlah malas (tahpahapentah!) haha malam ni kena buat jugak.. i buat sikit je for meja nikah and maybe bilik pengantin..

i macam tak jadi buat buttonaires sendiri coz kesuntukan masa, but i'll make a post about where i found useful tutorial links of them buttonaires aite ;)

Moose said...

thanks ami! pls post them on your blog soon