is the date of our nikah...........


This is the date that I proposed to my parents and boyfriend (boyfriend, fiance or whatever he's still the same person regardless of his title). Both of them like the date and had no objection whatsoever.

But since H little sister is sitting for SPM this year annnnddd SPM's timetable still hasn't come up yet, the idea of having our nikah on 10.12.10 has been veto-ed off by his family causing my poor boyfriend to put up a "fight" about it, and like any good fighter, he lost. Hahaha. Ok, not funny. Poor baby...

We really wanted our nikah date to be special. But then again, any date will be special when it is your nikah day, right? Even if it's not the most sought after 10.10.10 or less sought after 10.12.10. Since his family objected, we have nothing but to just agree on 17.12.10 as our second option for nikah. I do not prefer any date later than 25.12 as it'll be a problem for mom (she'll have to attend lots of meeting after 25th normally) and the whole Sarawakian clan to come over. Besides, I still have cousins who are still schooling.

So, insya Allah 17.12.10 is it. Which also leave me about 9 months to do all the preparation.

And I'm frantically panicking..


Xora said...

jangan panik. mulakan dengan meniarap..

reena said...

Tarik nafas, hembus nafas. Tarik nafas, hembus nafas.

sarahsayangjiman said...

ehhh...looks like we both might be getting married on the same day..wee.. :D

sarah pon still dalam discussion between 17th +18th and 24th +25th december.

sumpit said...

congratz sbb dah pilih date :D
I'm panicking also sbb tak prep pape, tp date dah set, ada 7 bulan je lg.

Errr, moose ada tak Kak Ram nye phone no? Qis pon suggested Kak Ram, tapi dia tak bg no lak. Sah2 dia tgh bz giler.

Thanks! :D

Aida Narina said...

Yeayy, so it has been confirmed than? I dah berangan dah 11.11.11. kahkahh ;p Its Friday and bf's bday is on 23.11, so bila anniversary boleh bagi 2-in-1 hadiah, hihii :p

NahWaL said...

good for u!! can i post it in my entree??

Moose said...

LOL!! ok, meniarap sekarang!

am doing it right now! klo tak for sure i'll hyperventilate..

oh really?? ala..tak dapat pi wedding you..haha muka tak malu padahal tak kena jemput (lagi)

Moose said...

thanks! i have kak ram's number, can you pls drop me an email at snowyqueeny@yahoo.com?

looks like it. insya Allah but H's dad still have to confirmed it with my family though. for official sake. wah 11.11.11 tu..matrix number, i like! tapi aida, for sure ramai gile kawin masa tu. and all most vendor glamer2 sure booked.

boleh!! muahaha..

NahWaL said...

hahaha done

Zetty said...

takpe, look at it as u are given more time to plan for the perfect wedding do!


Ami Schaheera said...

LOL MENIARAP! T__T hahahaha

yay for the date, although you didn't get the date you both wanted but atleast now that the date is there there's a target set there.

good luck moose, i'm pretty sure you can plan it really good in these 9 months :)

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Hey babe, you've got a date already! Yay to you! Don't panic though. Since you've already set your mind on most of the stuff, it's only the surveying the vendors phase now. Am sure you'll be having fun with it! =)

Moose said...

beza 1 week je tapi i think there are lots of things can be done in 1 week kan?

LOL jugak! thanks ami!

yup true, i basically already had somw things on my mind. not it's time to implement them!