...as if in tarikh, not buah kurma or date (dating).

The date for our majlis is not set, yet. My families were hoping that the majlis can be done somewhere in December. Mom is Sarawakian and most of her family members live there. So we're kinda hope that date can be set as soon as possible so that families in Sarawak can start planning on their holiday and book the flight tickets. Dad is from Perlis and since most of his family members still live in Perlis, I think we have no problem whatsoever.

Initially we would like to get married somewhere in November. But H's younger sister is sitting for SPM this year and we would like if she finished off her papers first. Then it's partaaaayy like nobody's business time for her.

In my family, December is THE month to get hitched. Mom (and her only sister) and Dad got married in December too. 26th December 1981 to be exact. Then 2 of my cousins from mom's side also got married in December. One of my uncle also got married in the same month. In other words, semua orang pun dalam family aku nak kahwin bulan 12 daaaaa...

So I guess it's somehow tradition for us to get married in December. Padahal bulan 12 cuti sekolah panjaaaaang. Haha. Lepas kahwin boleh pergi horneymoon sesuka hati.

Before the engagement, I basically had set my mind on few things for the wedding. Like for example, the theme colour, the favours, the bedroom decoration, the design of the invitations cards, and even the dress(es)! Yes, I like to plan things well ahead from me. It kinda help me to calm my nerves as I know how and what to expect.

So I think (hopefully), I can be decisive enough when it comes to decision making later.

Today I was on my way to work when I saw bunting of MATTA Fair. Please save this date in your organizer/planner.

MATTA Fair 2010 is to be held at Tun Razak Hall 1,2,3 & Pelantaran Putra, PWTC on 12th-14th March 2010.

Both H and I had already decided on our horneymoon destination way before we got engaged. Gatal benor dedua ekor ni... Both of us like beaches, cultures and cheap vacation (well, yang ni harus la kan) so no doubt that we choose

BALI as our soon to be horneymoon destination!

I always wanted to go to Bali to experience its culture, fascinating landscape, picture-esque sandy beaches and neither of us been there yet. The idea of relaxing by the beach, sipping coconut water while you get your back massaged and cheap spa is too good to pass. Besides, mana lagi tempat ko nak berangan macam jutawan kan sekali shopping berjuta-juta (Rupiah) ko bayar. Tukar RM500 dapat satu beg baju duit (Rupiah). Matilah perasan kaya.
Padahal sebenarnya nak pergi Maldives or Barbados tapi tak mampu. *Nangis*


cik yaya said...

good choice for hornymoon!
me likey

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Mane pictures? Tak aci!


I love love love Maldives tapi nak pegi Maldives have to wait until I can earn at least a 5 figure salary baru boleh mampu pegi.

So we are keeping Bali as our honeymoon spot too! Lagi gatal, tak tunang lagi dah pk honeymoon. Hahaha. In Bali, they have a lot of Honeymoon villa at a really reasonable rate. My vote is for you to go to the ones in Uluwatu or near the Tanah Lot. The sunset view is mesmerizing =)

NahWaL said...

maldives mahal!!!! sis in law pergi hornymoon kat maldives. but dia kawen umur 30 :D. taknak aku tunggu. haha

Bali is wonderful. boleh urut2 sesama. haha

Xora said...

Suka intro untuk post ni :P comey!!

Moose said...

cik yaya:
kan?? akak suka Bali!

tula! kene tunggu gaji at least 5 figure kot baru mampu..oh thanks a lot Farah, will keep in mind of those places when we wanna look out for hornymoon villa later. i will post the pics soon after i get them all from bf.

haha.nahwal jahat kutuk SIL sendiri.sebab tu dia kawin umur 30,plan nak hornymoon dekat Maldives! urut sesama, me likey! *terserlah unsur ke-horny-an disitu*

hahaha. thanks!

NahWaL said...

haha. takla mana kutuk. maksud aku, dia kawen 30, bolehla pergi maldives dah stabil. hehe.