Etwas über die Hochzeit und das Kleid

(translation: Something about the wedding and the dress)

I like the fact that in certain things I am persistent. And once I made up my mind, no one can seems to change it.

For the upcoming wedding, I already made up my mind on these:-

The Dress

In typical Malay wedding you need at least 2 wedding dresses. One is for the solemnisation (nikah) and one is for your reception. For both event, I plan to wear something simple. Something that classy, elegant and timeless. So that when I'm old and look back at my wedding album with my grandkids in my 70s, I won't be saying things like, "What the hell was I thinking back then?" Or the grandkids won't say stuff like, "Grandma....buruknye". (Wah, grandma tu tak koser aku) Well, you get the drift right?

My nikah outfit will be a baju kurung moden. Material will be an off-white (or yellowish white) silk chiffon. With (heavy) beading around the neckline and front. Probably. Will decide later on how heavy I want the beading to be. I got the inspiration for the nikah outfit from a hippie wedding dress I browse online.

Bf already bought the sampin songket from Kelantan for the nikah way before our engagement. The colour is light yellow with gold thread. So most probably we'll be wearing like I said, an off-white or yellowish white for the nikah.

I read tips form the lovely Xora that crepe is the most suitable material for baju melayu, which I agree as I'm not a fan at all of satin. The shiny-ness of a satin really puts me off. Besides, satin material will magnify your flaws i.e. not so slim and slender body like no other. That's why I much prefer chiffon or any material that is flowy compared to satin. More tips can be read
here. But then most of crepe material that I encounter is either satin crepe or silk crepe. And as we all know Muslim men are not allow to wear any silk. Or maybe I didn't look hard enough. Any opinion?

For the reception dress, I love love love one vintage 70's wedding dress in particular that I saw online many many months ago. It's so simple that when I look at it, I knew deep in my heart that it is so me. FYI, I'm such a sucker for anything that is vintage and from the 70's. So go figure.

The silhouette is inspired by the wedding gown Grace Kelly wore during her wedding to Prince of Monace, Prince Rainier III in 1956. Instead of ball gown style bottom, its bottom is A-Line/princess style.

[L-R] Grace Kelly and husband, A-Line/Princess style wedding dress

I am still contemplating though. Of either lace or no lace for the reception dress. I know that it is becoming so common nowdays that every single bride in Malaysia to wear lace or kebaya-style wedding dress on their wedding day. Don't get me wrong. Every bride deserves to wear whatever she wants but it's just that I don't like being stereotypical. That is just me, I guess.

The material will be again silk chiffon. I adore chiffon so much and for this type of dress, I think chiffon suits the best. But then, charmeuse (as in my e-day baju material) is not bad as well. Oh we'll see about that later.

I know H too well. So for our reception at my side, I will not force him to wear any jacket or whatsoever that can make him feels stuffy and he is more than happy to oblige. Maybe for him, it's best to just stick with normal baju Melayu and few accessories added like tanjak, fancy sampin and whatsnot.

We'll most probably be wearing white and I do believe that every bride should wear white on their wedding day. I mean, you wear other colours every day, right? As a bride on our very special day somemore, the only thing that you would want to avoid is seeing one of your guests wearing the same shade of colour as your wedding dress, kan? Update: Read this witty post from Reena and you'll get what I mean. Also, I don't really fancy the wedding where everyone/everything is don in the same colour. Kot yela pun kata theme biru, perlukah semua benda nak kena kaler biru? Dari air sirap sampailah ke kaler mata (contact lens) pengantin pun nak biru. Tu belum masuk lagi sedara-mara, door gifts and pelamin kaler biru. Ni kenduri kahwin, bukan hari keluarga Celcom. (Curi ayat Rizalman)

*Matilah lepas ni kena bambu dengan orang yang terasa*

Lawak saja nohh...kalau hangpa suka lagu tu, nak buat macam mana, kan deknon?

This is only for my side. Side boyfriend satu apa pun aku taktau. Wagaga.

Chop! During tandang normally, we as a bride normally tak masuk campur in all the planning kan? We leave it in the (hopefully) better hands of his family kan? Eh, ke?

p/s: Yang lain-lain tu aku sambung later. Penat dah dok menaip ni...


reena said...

Babe, i ada buat spesel entry untuk u untuk menjawab entry u ni :p

Moose said...

wah siap ade spesel entry untuk (menjawab) i ni.haha

NahWaL said...

babe, panjangnya. LOL

but, satu je.

dia bukan bf ko lagi la. dia tunang ko. HA HA HA.


Moose said...

samela tu bf ke tunang ke..he's still the same person. title doesnt matter..gitu kan..

cik yaya said...

hahaha.aku baru nak sound mende yg sama mcm nawal.ko skrg bekas awek dia lah.lol

eh, kita xleh interfere langsung eh tok majlis bertandang?eh,aku tak suka lah.HAHA.

aku suka la ayat rizalman.kalau tema kelabu cmne nak buat air kelabu?
haaaa....jawab moose.buat entry air kelabu pon okay.cpt la,xpenah ade nak buat entry utk aku.


Aida Narina said...

hhaha, comel pula tiru rizalman cakap ;p by the way, that's what i thought about satin, since its quite heavy, so it will stick to the body. baru tahu yang crepes is much preferable, thanks for the info dear.

go with something different! yup, dress tu cantik kot. my mum request kat i pakai baju songket minang and all the cucuk2 atas kepala, and i'm still thinking about it. It's our heritage, so boleh la kot pakai untuk one of the receptions. hihii. alamak, lawak la saya! ;p

Moose said...

cik yaya:
tak biasa ok panggil tunang. kelakar semacam je aku rasa. i think i'll stick with calling him my bf.

no prob. info tu pun i dapat dari xora. berguna jugak so nak share la dengan orang lain. i suka traditional outfit actually. tapi i macam fikir, kalau nak pakai baju traditional macam songket and all, lagi cantik kalau you go all out. meaning pakai cucuk sanggul and whatsnot macam your mom ask tu. since i pakai tudung, i rasa macam for me to do all the cucuk sanggul tu macam tak cantik so i have to forgo the idea and go with something simple.

Ami Schaheera said...

cik moose :D

kita serupa! i'm wearing white for my side and sorta dress style for bertandang. and as for silk, there are many types of silk, yg tak terlalu berkilat and nampak luxe pun ada :))

psl bertandang, depends pada family tu sendiri. for myself, his family takde pengalaman sgt psl kenduri2 kahwin... and the parents pun tak kisah serahkan most keputusan kps kami, apatah lagi bab2 baju ni.. hehe.. lagipun, ni kan our day ;)

Moose said...

haha. glad to know that we are serupa! i ask bf about this (i.e tandang) dia bagi i decide the dress design, material and all tapi the final decision is his. sebab he knows that i'm simple so he doesn't want anything that is too simple. something about living up to his parents expectation...