The world renowned Christian Louboutin shoes that never fails to make my heart stops (either when looking at the designs or the price). Literally.

Since I know that I could never afford these baby, I look for something similar. Like these from Yunique Paradise, an online shoes blogshop.

Aren't they just gorgeous? There are lots of Manolo's, Valentino's, Gucci's, Balenciaga's look alike to choose from. Most importantly the price is affordable and not something that gonna burn your pocket later. Well, that's if you bought within a reasonable amount of pairs.

(Online) Shoes are mostly from China, Taiwan and Korea, I guess. The latter comes with a better quality and hence price is slightly higher than the former. I have not yet bought anything from the site but I had experience buying shoes from other online blogshop. And I'm quite satisfied with their service and price. Quality-wise please do not expect the same quality as that of Charles&Keith, Vincci or even Nose. IMO these shoes are mainly for style and not for comfort. If you're looking for a particular designers shoes that you love but faint at the glimpse of its price, then designer's inspired shoes from China, Taiwan and Korea are your solution.

Also, I think I (already) found my wedding shoes.

P/S: I in any way am not afflicted with Yunique Paradise.


Elly Anaille said...

gorgeousss! tapi i x blh pkai heels more than 2-inch nnt bile berdiri sebelah bf nampak x balance. haha.

reena said...

I suka tgk designer inspired shoes kat yunique paradise! Tapi tinggi gila.Hihi.

Moose said...

i love high heels tapi bila pakai rasa a bit concious sebab I'm already tall..

OMG, cantikkan shoes dekat situ? tapi tula semua pun 4-inch and above. lepas tu tinggi i jadi 175cm lepas tu..

Aida Narina said...

oh my, cantik2 la kasut kat situuu :) yang inspired semua nampak macam real, tak yah klr extra. My height is 5ft 1.5" so memang pendek dan harus pakai heels. tapi jalan masih kekok ;p

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Sorry babe, I'm not gonna talk about heels.

OMG, I love Grace Kelly's wedding dress too and have had it in my mind since many many years ago! And when I saw Maya Karin did something similar to what I had in mind when she got married, I was even more thrilled! So I thought hey my idea wasn't bad at all. To have that high waist top and a sort of A line skirt. One piece. But I am so so so torn between modern kurung and Grace Kelly's one piece coz I love modern kurung too!


Isn't good to be girls?

We are forgiven for being extremely excited over a dress.


NahWaL said...

man those are hot heels uve got there moose. aku takot je if aku pakai, jatuh terjelupok (ada ke this word?) sebab sangkut kat baju. LOL. ko dah tinggi takyah ah buat aku rasa pendek. ahhaa.

dahla tunang aku tinggi. cis.

Moose said...

memang nampak macam sama! eventhough i'm a big fan of heels, bila lama tak pakai rasa macam kekok. so kena practise selalu kalau pakai heels ni.practise make perfect!

I been admiring the Grace Kelly wedding dress for so long too! when I saw maya karin wearing the GK inspired dress by syaiful baharim, my thought was like, hmm for sure after this banyak orang nak tiru. haha. dear, why not have both! one for nikah and one for reception. i'm sure we're allowed to have more than one dress. Ngeeee. I know, it's a bliss to be a girl.

Moose said...

pakai je. nanti husband boleh tolong sambut kalau ko jatuh. jatuh2 manja gitu. harharhar. ok la tu tunang ko tinggi, tak kesahla nak pakai heels tinggi2 pun. aku kalau pakai more than 10cm harusla lepas tu sama tinggi dengan bf. (ye aku still address dia bf, sorry tak biasa nak panggil fiance ke tunang ke)

Amber said...

2 things every good housewife needs, dish gloves, and a pair of great heels!!!!

Ami Schaheera said...

yay, u dah pilih from yunique tak? i tak sabar tunggu my white peep toe pumps sampai :D

Moose said...

OMG, dish gloves? haha. so funny. never thought of that

belum lagi. i tak tunjuk lagi the shoes that i want to my bf. have to wait for his approval bcos weird enough high heels (that is too high) somehow turn him off. maybe dia rasa tercabar kot sebab nanti we're of the same height!