Preparation....So Far

I already picked up the baju for tunang today. Bf was free and was sweet enough to accompany me. Tried the baju and found out that the shoulders are bit off. Asked them to alter it and one of the seamstress did it in a few minutes. I'm no seamstress but I know a good tailoring when I see one. My sewing skill is limited to what I've learned in Form 3 but I watched Heidi's Project Runway religiously. And I've been meaning to enroll myself in a sewing class or if I had the money and enough time, to take degree in Fashion Designing one day. Insya Allah.

I must say that I'm very happy with the outcome and also with the price that I paid. The tailoring is very kemas and nice. I'm very fussy when it comes to tailoring. Which is why I rarely sent baju for tempah, because if the tailoring is bad, I'll be super upset. Alhamdulillah, the baju turned out very well. Boyfriend like it as well and commented that I looked sweet in it.

Aaawwww. Haha. *sila muntah*

But I (still) hate pink.

I made some call to the cake maker from Mad About Cake last week, to follow up on the order. They assured me that they received my e-mail and the cakes will be ready before I leave for my hometown. I still need to scout for a nice matching tudung to go with it. I don't like tudung Ariani or any tudung that has awning. Bf also had warned me not to wear such tudung. Since coming back from Germany, I changed the way I wear my hijab. I find that shawl is less fuss for me. So I'm planning to hit PKNS Shah Alam tomorrow because Jalan TAR is such a hassle.

Went to Floristika in Bangsar the other day. First impression, wow! so many (unknown) flowers. I think I had some sort of flower attack that day. Was happy that tuberoses or bunga sundal malam are price at RM12 per bundle (of 5-8, if I'm not mistaken) Lots of roses - red, yellow, white (my fave!), pink, blue. Then lots of crysanthemums, lilies, carnations, hydrangeas (my fave too!) and others. But some how I don't see any calla lilies.

For the deco during the e-day, I think I will not be using any roses. The e-day itself will be on CNY, which coincidently also falls on V-Day. Chances are roses will be overpriced. So no roses for me. But fret not, I'll substitute it with other equally amazing and beautiful flowers. Something that is out of the norm like orchids maybe? I rarely see people use orchids as deco in hantaran. Or carnation. Or button mums. Or something exotic like birds of paradise. Or marigold.

Wah marigold tak bleh blah, padahal nama melayu - bunga tahi ayam.

Nah, ini marigold a.k.a bunga tahi ayam. Kesian ko mari(e), nama omputih ko bukan main glamer lagi ye.

When I showed mom the flower birds of paradise's pic, mak aku boleh cakap apa ko nak tau?

Eh, ini bukan bunga lengkuas ke?

Nah, sekali bunga lengkuas mak aku cakap. Aku tak puas hati la terus aku google rupa bunga lengkuas macam mana.

Ini, birds of paradise, the original.

Ini, bunga atau rimpang lengkuas. Rimpang tu apa jangan tanya aku. Aku pun taktau.

Ni bunga lengkuas tapi belum kembang lagi

Nasib baik mak aku tak cakap bunga kantan. Kalau tak, apa lagi buat laksa la kita..

Eh, cantik jugak bunga kantan ni. Macam sesuwai je kalau buat hand bouquet(?) 

Masa bouquet tossing tu sapa dapat balik rumah boleh buat laksa, tak pun campur dalam kerabu mangga.
 2-in-1 habes la.

I want to upload the pics but can't find the USB cable. Will upload it later if I find the cable, ok?


NahWaL said...

HA HA HA HA HA. mak ko lawak la moose. aku tak tau pon lengkuas berbunga, lagi ampeh. LOL

Nok, ko pergi kedai abang halim kat shah alam mall. ko sewa je la selendang dia. LOL. ngan tudung dia. hahaha. Kang ko beli memahal tak gune lagi kang

dekat butik2 kat pkns pon, sewa selendang dalam 150 saja ko! gile. tu kat butik hanim pkns. kat alam sentral pon banyak gak.

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

I was trying to find somebody to do me flower deco for my engagement. Not gonna have pelamin, just gonna use the wood bench we have at home and add some flower decos. But you know what? I asked around, semua orang dah penuh booking bulan 10!

I wish I have the talent to do the flower arrangement myself. Kat Bangsar murah ek bunga2 die? I love roses and lilies and hydrangeas too! =)

Your engagement is coming very soon. Good luck! Nanti jangan lupa upload pic pakai baju pink okeh? Hehehe.

Moose said...

nahwal: sabau jela aku dengan mak aku tu. mom says the darnest thing kan. bukan main glamer lagi bunga birds of paradise tu dia cakap bunga lengkuas. aku dah beli tudung tu. beli dekat pkns je. tudung ala2 selendang tu je. malas aku nak ber-veil segala bagai nanti. rimas ai u know.

TSS: that is crazy! untuk bulan 10 sekarang dah fully booked! dah try tanya florist? mana tau kot2 diorg still ambik ke? I also dont have any talent or skill to do floral arrangement tapi since the majlis will be simple, i just cucuk all the flowers here and there je. this floristika in bangsar that i went is the flower wholesale or something like that. it is quite near to the NST building in bangsar. Thanks babe! haha. nanti insya Allah i will upload the pics. oh, i still hate pink. pink buat muka i nampak gelap.

ctfza said...

cik moose.. finally i sent my baju nikah to adagaya oso last saturday.. hehe.. hope my baju jadik cantik n kemas mcm urs jugak .. huuu.. thanks byk2 tau pasal ur info on adagaya...

link u eh :-)

Moose said...

oh ye? i'm glad to help. so sorry sebab dengar you tak dapat buat dekat unaisah.

reena said...

LOL. Tak pernah lagi orang guna bunga kantan beb.

Moose said...

haha. tula. guna dalam laksa atau kerabu ade la...