Pan!c (At The Disco)

I'm in my panic Bridezilla mode.

Beware! Bridezilla Moose is on the loose. Gotta alert traffic control!

Initially both boyfriend and I do not want to get engaged at all. I repeat, don't want at all. We've known each other for already 8 years. So, why waste time (and money) on engagement, right? But in another few days we're getting engaged because the elders think that it is more appropriate if we do so. So we listened and succumbed to our elders.

So, we planned that everything will be very simple and intimate. Only a handful of friends know about this. I even only break the news to my close friends on Friday, last week. Since we know that the event will be a close ceremony, we do not hire any photographer, no mini pelamin, no guest favours, no anything that scream engagement. I even planned to DIY everything that can be DIY-ed. From make-up, floral arrangement etc.

Few days back, H's mom hinted about photographer. I said we didn't hire any. I said that we can ask some relatives to take all the pictures. Just now, H informs me that his parents are so keen on hiring a photographer. His mom's bestfriend to be exact. This uncle is an old timer in taking big-shot events. Rosmah is one of his client. Rosmah the PM's wife. Not some random Rosmah.

Buuuuuuuuuutttttttttttttt.......there's a big butt here,

we don't like the photos taken, the angles are so wrong, the editing are so old fashion!, though the pictures are sharp. He's an event photographer, remember? But how do we say this, we no likey. The only people that seems to like it are no surprise, the parents. I pity H because honestly, he have no say or rather can't say anything in this. His parents want the uncle and pay for it. All inclusive. The rate is undeniably low considering that his wife is H's mom bestie. He only charge for transportation, material and accommodation.

Now, I'm panicking. Professional photographer means clearer and sharper images, right? Means all flaws on the face will be visibly clear. With the amateur-ish make-up skills that I have, there's no room for uneven finish or unbalance eyeshadow. I certainly don't want to look weird but to look out for a MUA in Perlis or Kedah (Jitra, Alor Star) in exactly 4 days when I'm here in Subang (and work till Friday) is so not funny!! Besides, I have other things i.e. looking out for a new job to worry about.

So, HELP!!!

p/s: any b2b out there who has pondan friends or anyone who have make-up skills and willing to travel to Perlis on CNY? Matilah suka-suka hati panggil orang pondan. Ampun uols.


NahWaL said...

moose, have u found ur MUa yet? I had the same thing happen, fiance said he's bringing a photog, so i panicked and booked everything ad hoc. turns out the photog was his cousin's bf. sabar je la aku pancung baru tau! LOL

, dunt worry, it'll all fall into places. Just hope ur MUA is available. Need any help surveying, tell me, ive got all the time .

Moose said...

no belum! not i'm frantically searching for one! akukan konon2 nak DIY je make-up. kata serba-serbi simple kan. alih2 parents bf aku pi hire photographer pulak!!

NahWaL said...

ko pergi je saloon dekat2, ko buat kat situ, senang. takyah pening pala. saloon2 tu sme mesti santek jugak.

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

"any b2b out there who has pondan friends or anyone who have make-up skills and willing to travel to Perlis on CNY?"

Hahahahahahahahahaha!! You always know how to crack jokes! Why do you have to stress on that pondan? I find it amusing.

But in all seriousness, good luck!! I wish for no engagement as well but the oldies are so leceh so terpaksa la ikut. Now they said I need a risik ring. How many effing rings do I need?? ^_^

Moose said...

nahwal: cantik macam wayang cina bolehlah...huwaa.

TSS: hehee. selamba cakap orang pondan kan? matilah i kene kutuk.
oh aritu bf's dad bagitau actually patut ada cincin risik, then my bf mencelah..cukup2lah tu, cincin tunang dah ada, buatpe nak cincin risik lagi..pweeuhh nasib baik he agreed.

white dress said...

haha... pondan... selambe ko..
nyah sudahh...

Moose said...

white dress: tula kan, selamba je aku ni...ala pondan ngan nyah tu sama jugak maksudnya kan..

reena said...

Emm..Camna nak tolong eh. My idea is, kalau u dekat dengan Penang, pi je mekober kat cosmetic counter..

Moose said...

reena: oh no nk pi alor star pun tak sempat. i malas nak fikir dah pasal ni. back to initial plan. DIY! nasib la lawa tak lawa..