27 And A Day Old

Sooooooooooooo, how does one feel when one is 27?

I (still) feel like the good old self me when I was 17 with 10 years of experience, boleh camtu? I am technically still the same person, with the same fun qualities that I always had (eceh!). My view and perspective on certain things may have change throughout the years but like I said I am still the same ol' Moose some of you may have known since I was 15, 17, 21 or even 27.

I am getting married this year. Which is something new that is happening in my life now. I never actually set any goal or target at what age I am actually getting hitched unlike some of my peers. I am more of a "go-with-the-flow" kind of person. Sure, marriage is always been the topic between me and my fiance since we dated but normally we just brushed it off. To be completely honest, I am actually surprise to get hitched so soon. I mean, it's been almost two years since I came back but I only started working June last year. I thought to myself the soonest I'd probably get married is next year. But Alhamdullillah, my jodoh has come early than I expected. Allah is great though there are times I questioned myself whether I'm truly ready to face the responsibilities of being a good wife and soon a mother. I still cringe whenever I think of the latter, seriously! I may not be the most nurturing person on earth so the thought of becoming a mother is an alien thing to me. Sometimes I look at a mother and wonder how a person can be so protective and caring and loving at the same time? Geez, I must the the tips from my mom or buy any "how to be a mother" books for dummies.

But if Allah thinks I am ready, then Insya Allah I will be ready.

Ok, enough with the useless rants and rambles. What did I do last night to celebrate the fact that I am old a year older?

Nothing special. At first we thought we wanna check out Papa John's Pizza or Bubba Gump Shrimps in Sunway Pyramid but nothing caught our attention there. Shogun Japanese Buffet is another option but since neither of us feeling THAT hungry to mentekedarah, we settled down for Italiannies. Food was good, nothing spectacular or anything. Both of us ordered their course meal, which offers a reasonably good price to our dented wallet. You can only imagine how planning a wedding can severe your savings. We chatted, we joked and we laughed at each others stupid jokes. Nothing special, nothing extraordinary. Though no present this time around but a wonderful birthday card with honest spelling mistake from my beloved fiance really cures the blues away. I was feeling a bit stressed out yesterday due to work and other stuffs but getting old older is not the key point.

I received a lot of birthday wishes, through phone calls, SMS, Facebook. Thank you for all the warm wishes and for being so caring. A simple wish from thoughtful friends and families really made my day.

Overall, this year birthday celebration is a simple and quiet one but I am content regardless.

Thank you, sayang.


ZARA said...

Most children wanted to be a doctor, engineer or whatever. I wanted to get married. Blame my mom's wedding video and her marriage.

My mom was 19 when she had me. So, I wanted that too. I don't want to be 35 and still pregnant. or have small babies. I imagine it would be tiring. By 30 my mom had 5 children and I was 9. I can already help my mom with chores and taking care of my younger brother and sisters.

That's y I wanted to get married early. But, I'm 26 and still not married. Insya-Allah next year. 27 :) So sama lah.

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.
-Abraham Lincoln

NahWaL said...

motherhood will ocme naturally la moose.

dont sweat on it. :). anugerah dan rezeki tuhan kan? ceh cakap nimacam ko ngadnung je kahkah. mesti comel ko ada perot buncit. hihi

sumpit said...

happy birthday!
terlambat lak wish :D

dedalie said...

hepi belated besday! jgnla ckp ko kertu..aku lagi kertu dari ko..huhu

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Happy belated birthday Moose! May Allah bless you with lots of happiness, health and wealth!

Italiannies eh? What do you think? Which is better? Pizza Brava or Italiannies? Hehe..

ps. I vote for Pizza Brava

sarah said...

happy belated birthday!

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Dunno whether you are going to read my birthday wish in the previous comment but wth, happy birthday!

Takutnye pk bile dah jadi emak orang. Honestly, I love kids but I don't know if I am responsible enough to take care of kids. Huhuhu.

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

mus eh moose, wei happy budday okay! so not cool when we are actually >25, haha, kan kan aku pun 26 so hmm lambat siot kawen n settle down.. tapi dah jodoh kan.. layan sahaja when its coming.. nawal ko jangan sebok, ko lagi 2 tahun, haha..

moose, happy budday again, semoga semua yang best best will be with you forever..

Hazel Macias said...

You are very blessed.
And loving your child will come naturally its the most pure thing in this world.

Moose said...

wow. your mom's wedding video must be so gempak that it inspired you to get married so early. siap cita2 tu. when i was still studying marriage was the last thing on my mind. i'm more of a career-minded person. and the quote from Abe Lincoln is very inspiring.

hopefully la. suka paranoid tak tentu pasal kan. haha. sebab aku ni cam takde perasaan sket dekat budak2. weh, sekarang ni perut dah buncit. buncit lemak. haha

sumpit, sarah abd. rahim & sarah:
thanks for the wish!
sarah, we didn't order pizza pun dekat italiannies tu so can't really compare

Moose said...

kertu la sangat ko tu kan. beza 1thn je..

thanks for the wish! klo you yg suka kids pun takut, i yang child-intolerant ni lagi la!

aku cam tak kesah pun kawin umur berapa sebenarnya. tapi tanak la umur dekat 40 baru nak kawin kan. agak2 la. haha

thanks! and i do hope so it comes naturally to me.