Took My Baby For A Wash And It Rained

I sacrificed my diet and lunch time today, or yesterday (Friday) since this entry is a bit late to publish and took my car for a wash. My fiancé has been nagging me for the past couple of weeks to wash my car. Ok maybe not nag, maybe a gentle reminder.

Cough nervously, just in case he reads this.

*wave tunang wave*

And I've been dragging the whole car wash thing for a whole month. I mean, RM8 for a car wash is a luxury, I can get my eyebrows done with only RM6 at my usual threading lady. Add another RM6 you can get both your upper and lower lips done. Hey, I am a woman. It can't be help if I think grooming is more essential than washing a car.

Alasan *cough*

Feared that H might pestering me again this weekend, I finally gave in. Took my silver (but almost looked like a slate gray) coloured car for a wash and wallah! shiny like (almost) new again, albeit bit dented here and there. Sigh. Sometimes I tend to forget that I'm not a rally driver. Or I really need to sharpen up driving skill. But to my defense, who's the idiot that put a metal pole next to a drive-thru counter?

About 30 minutes later, it rained heavily. Great, there goes my RM8 and shiny rims.


The date for our solemnization might be revised, yet again. We're now considering of having our nikah and reception on the same day. But it has not been finalized yet. We feel and think that in a way, it's more economical to do so. Though I always wanted to be married on a Friday, sometimes a girl can't always get what she wants. Aku dah sampai tahap, I don't care if I never got to wear Unaisah's, or have that white dreamy scallop tent or whatever a girl could ever dream of.



However I'll keep you guys posted on this.

P/s: Nahwal, kot date aku kena tukar dekat blog ko.


Elly Anaille said...

ahah.. talking about car. the same goes with me. pun dah tahap kotor gile. it's been 3 months since the last time i cuci kete. siap ade cicak n semut lagi. wakaka! omg i geli. kena bwk cuci cepat2!

the miss bride-to-be said...

dear i too just wanna be marry to my boyfriend. dah banyak benda yg i want telah bertukar kepada 'dats wat they want' sedih..sedih. :(

well anyway i too think i dah berapa lama dah tak cuci my kereta. :D

NahWaL said...

jangan lupe kasitau awal2. acecece. nanti warga boleh siap sedia gitu. haha. next wedding? aim dan fara 28.5.? ko nak jumpe ss tak? acecece

Moose said...

omg, cicak!!! euuwww! pegi cuci cepat!! aritu i jumpa anak spider dalam kereta tu yang terus bawak pergi cuci.

actually ini ape yang my fiance and i decided. and we're actually have no prob with it sebab dah malas nak fikir sangat. it's just that the elders belum bagi confirmation lagi

ye nanti aku roger awal. klo korang tak datang siap lah kan.aku takde dapat invitation pun? hint nak suruh orang invite la tu kan. haha

Quiyah & Hasrul said...

hey moose! where r u staying? if u stay nearby area kajang, you can go wash ur baby at warta, it's cheaper there, rm10.. tht's what's my hubby said tho..
thanks for your info abt the tailor stuff..
btw, brace urself for the W preps, i can only keep a few things that i want, most of it, well, as u said earlier, "what they want".
trust me, the more depth u go into the preps, the more frustrated u will get. All you can do is, BERSABAR BYK2! and i dont mean that literally.
Doa byk2 will help also, and always always always know how to fight for what you want, besides, its ur W day, not theirs anymore. Should you have any questions reg W preps, can email me at quiyah@gmail.com.
P/S: i know great place to do facial, threading and henna at the same time with a cheap price at kajang area.

cik yaya said...

alaaa...hopefully tak tukar tarikh.aku p wedding kak long (sarah syg jiman) sobs.jauh kau tauhu utara tu..huuuu

kalau tukar aku paksa buat satu reception khas utk ss.eh?HAHA

p dot s:lama nya tak basuh kete T_T

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Ahahaha.. I've lost count on just how many times the wash & rain thing has happened to me. Hence, I too leave the car wash job to my hubby. Unless of course I start noticing that my car is hidden under a centimeter of dirt; then I too will send it hehe..

Tukar date? You've still got about 6mths to go so I'm sure whatever bookings you've made can still be changed without much hassle. ;)