(Update:) Of Photographer

There this saying about third times the charm or something like that. And I always believe in it. Ok, maybe not always but somehow good things in my life always come in third place.

Both fiance and I had searched high and low for our desired photographer. It doesn't come easy if you have very specific taste like mine. My fiance said I am picky or cerewet.

But I beg to differ. I know what I want and of course, who wouldn't want the best, right? Well, the best within our budget, of course.

We love Qippy but sedar diri la tak mampu kan. Sob sob.

I on the other hand always admire their works.

Well, just to name a few. Malas oi nak taruk link sorang-sorang.

What do I look in a photographer?

Chemistry and je ne sais quoi or that indefinable something. And oh, someone with quirky and out-of-the-box photography style. I am romance intolerant so I prefer not to pose the typical romantic poses or I hurl. Or cry. Or sulk. Like when our engagement OP asked me to do all the lovey dovey pose. I gave him a piece of my mind. I prefer quirky poses. That's just so me. My fiance on the other hand, sadly cannot pose even if his life depends on it.

Good, then I'll be the star on that day. So diva!! Me likey!

*imaginary camera flash*

We met (only) three photographers and hooked with the third one. The package offered suits our budget and most importantly, we like his style. An added bonus, he was recommended by our senior (also a freelance photographer, Taufiq Shariff). If Taufiq or affectionately called Topek, was not busy as an engineer, we'd hire him anytime! However, Alhamdulillah we paid the deposit last Monday and booked him (the photographer, not Topek) for our nikah and reception event in Perlis.

Nak tau ke kitorang jumpa siapa? Takyah la kot kan?


Oklah, diatas permintaan ramai. Eh, ramai ke? Perasan! Diatas permintaan (yang tak berapa) ramai, as been said before kitorang jumpa 3 potential photographers.

The first one is Blisscandid. Very nice couple, Nadia (right?) and Aizat. Aizat is the main photographer. Oh I know Ami from SPTNKSWHRT took him. Very nice photos esp. outdoors. But we're not really convinced with their album.

A lil advise for photographers out there. When you meet the customer for the first time, please bring your latest work or album. We want to see the present, not the past.

Then kitorang jumpa Fatiniz. Ni pun cantik jugak! Gambar and album semua cantiklah. Very nice lady. Semua pun dia buat sendiri, taking photographs and editing. She mentioned that she's a bit of perfectionist, so expect the outcome to be very detail and va-va-voom! Tapi entahlah maybe we want to look for yang lain dulu kot masa tu?

Then the third one is our OP. Fadza Rafidelic. Our senior, Topek recommends him and Fad Manaf. Since Fad took the longest time to reply back on my enquiry, my fiance decided to email Fadza instead. He replied the quickest so we set the date for the appointment. Tengok-tengok album, borak-borak, gelak-gelak. Siap ada sesi mengumpat lagi tu. Sabar je la aku.

However, my fiance still not convince dengan the album layout semua tu. So Fadza email him his latest album layout. Discuss here and there, weight out the pros and cons semua. We decided that the package offered by him is the best out of three.

If you were to ask me, kenapa pilih Fadza, entah la, maybe sebab he has that "indie" flair in all his works? How to explain eh? Not so typical wedding photographer. Yes, that's what I look in a photographer actually. Indie, not typical and artistic. Though artistic is kinda subjective. I like the photo journalism thingy. The quality that I like in Udey's and Nazim Zafri's. Tapi Eti, your photographer pun has that photo journalism thingy. If my fiance was not so turned off by his mileage rate, we might consider him as well. Lepas tu boleh tak cakap, Fadza is cute? HA HA HA. Matilah aku kalau his girlfriend read this.



sumpit said...

alaaaaa, ceritala...

NahWaL said...

apa tak pyh?pyhla!

Durruz said...

ceritala. would love to know. =)

nowicannotspeak said...

moose!! nak tau!! nak tau!! haha

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Congrats for finalizing on the photographer! If it's not too much, then perhaps you can share? Hihihi. Would love to know. I've met 2 photographers before, the first one you knowlah siapa kan. Tapi dia penuh pulak on the date I wanted. Met another one last Sunday and keeping hikm as KIV. But am gonna meet another one this Saturday and I'm hoping he'll be the last in the list! =)

Oh by the way babe, the tailor yg I told you about the other day is Mag at Ampang Park =).

sumpit said...
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cik yaya said...

dlu ex bf aku amek OP ko ni.so aku ckp(dlm hati)xpe xpe.ai amek FM.HAHAHA.konon nk lawan(i knw, so childish)
but both of them are great!tapi aku xdpt dua2.but then me n fiance managed to get the photographer that suits our criteria n BUDGET!teehee

Moose said...

eti, durruz, nahwal, nowicannot speak, nawar:

dah dah. dah bagitau. haha

sapa sapa ex ko? haha. cik bedah gile.

Sarah Abd Rahim said...

Moose! I loike your OP's photography! Might just give him a call sometime soon. Cos our OP didn't really manage to fulfill our outdoor shots the way we had envisioned them to be so we were thinking of doing a simple post-wedding outdoor shoot. Tried FM but he's a weeee bit pricey. Your OP starts at RM600 which I think is super reasonable for a simple outdoor shoot..

Ami Schaheera said...

misterinya! nak tau siapakah XD

cik yaya said...

haha.ngok.tanak bgtau.HAHA

sarah said...

mesti lega kan 1 benda settle. cantik gambar2 your future OP.
u ada x meet the 3 person yg u admire mula2 tu? i suka gak fatini's work.

Moose said...

tak misteri pun! dah bagitau semua orang. haha

tanak sudah. takmo kawan. haha

Moose said...

tak jumpa pun. fad took the longest time to reply. by the time dia reply, we already met fadza. so bila dia bagitau dia member fad, kitorang cam eh takyahla jumpa fad. haha. nazim tu i dont know why my fiance tak contact2 dia.
udey, kitorang malas nak jumpa sebab have to meet him at his office in ulu kelang ke mana ntah, during weekdays lak tu. so skip him

reena said...

My bf kenal Udey tu.

I want Daniel Zain! *Matilah berangan*

Byeti said...

ur OP Fadza? I maybe pilih dia gak (sbb ckp mulut je ngan dia $$ blum hulur lagi). haha for my E day. since he's my bf punya schoolmate and neighbour in SG. harap-harap dapatla discount. haha..gambar dia not bad. good. and dia mmg geng ngan fad manaf.

Moose said...

matilah dah sebulan lebih baru nak reply komen. haha. udey pun amik gambar cantik! i really want udey tapi sedarlah dengan transportation and accommodation semua, harga udey terlebih budget sudah..

yup. my OP is Fadza. gambar dia ala2 macam Fad kan? dia cakap dengan kitorang, in case dia tak dapat cover any wedding client dia, dia akan suruh fad our one of their clique yang cover. geng diorang semua sempoi2 je. i really want our senior, Topek tu to cover our wed tapi dia tak berani nak jamin boleh, so that's why we hire Fadza