Random Things I Found On My Nuffnang Page

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To whomever looking for tong sampah double bag, I am deeply sorry if you didn't find anything beneficial here.

Good luck searching somewhere else though.

Please, I am amused. At least something that can take off my constant worries on MUA and dresses. Never in my life I had become so shallow and superficial.


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sumpit said...

my roommate once got something along the line of "i am so sad i want to die" ke apa tah. She was sad at the time tp rasanya xde la smpai nak mati2.

btw, segan kan nak blog about dresses and MUAs? It's almost like, gosh, that is so not me. Tp nak buat camne, weddings bring out the superficiality and hopefully the femininity in most women. Lagi pulak, with these types of entries, i'm losing my regular readers (but u wouldnt know tht sbb sume comment haloscan dah kena deleted, benci!), but at least, i'm making new friends :D

i just hope, when this is all over, my old readers will come back, and the new ones will remain.