Prices quoted by the designer are way out of our budget.


However I will wait for the revised quotation since some amendments are made to both dresses, which I hope will lower down the prices. I really hope she understands. I really do.

If not, I have to resort to something more budget friendly like, renting a dress from bridal boutique, perhaps?

Another sigh.

The thought of letting out my dream wedding dresses are too much to bear.

Is it rude that IF after much amendments and demands, we decided not to take her? I am torn about it but what to do if the price is so not within the budget. I'd choose the budget over what my heart desires anytime although it's hard to do so.

If only money grows on tree.

If only........

Heavy sigh.


sumpit said...

eh, what are the random things you Found On your Nuffnang Page?

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

I don't know how much bridal boutique rental costs is but in KL, the price is almost similar to making a new dress. Hence, I still think it's better if you make your own dress.

It's not rude if you don't plan to hire her later if proven she cannot go even down to cater your needs. Ada banyak lagi designer lain yang boleh bagi price mampu milik.Syahrir Nurdin, Syomir Izwa just to name a few. Or better, tak designer pun takpe but a good tailor who sews like a pro. I know I have a favourite tailor in Ampang Park who can design to whatever sketches I show to her.

Don't be so down okay? I'm sure there must be something else. =)

NahWaL said...

Akuu baru nak g jmpe dia petang ni. harap2la budget ok. kalao tak ok pon belah laki. malas dah pk. leteh wei nak nego2 ngan orang.

yaya buat dekat maju junction. jom pergi sebei! aceh

ZARA said...

One of the most important part of a wedding. The dress. Alamak. There's no way around it? maybe cut on other budget?

cik yaya said...

haha.sila pergi sebei wehh..3times cheaper than she's quot for u guys!
and its true that the rental costs are similar if we make a new dress lah moose

brid3ofkayangan said...

Hi Moose...i was thinking to meet her as well since Unaisah fully booked till March next year...uwaaa makin risau...me too x tau nak nak buat dress ngan sapa skang nih...!

The Spasmodic Scribbler: nice if u could share ur fav tailor at Ampang Park...hehe

reena said...

Eh, tak pa ka cancel?

Moose said...

dah re-post. ape ntah aku tekan tengok tak kuar

ok, kindly email me the name of your fave tailor! i need a good tailor who can not only sew like a pro but make a good dress. my wedding attire is not like typical malay wedding dress. it's in fact a dress.

dah luah sume dekat skype. hiks

Moose said...

we so have to stick with the budget. so terpaksa tak buat dekat dia. haha

thanks for your help. really appreciate it

are you meeting NH as well? if you have the budget, by all means jumpe jela. but sadly i dont. :(

takpe, we haven't paid anything pun. just brainstorming and show few sketches je.