Praise To Allah

For He is the most knowing of them all.


I was having another meltdown last Friday and it was non-nuptial. I was devastated and deeply sadden but I guess for this time being, it is not my rezeki yet. But who knows that it might be in the (nearest) future. I was being irrational at one point, blaming everyone in my sight, here and there. Thank God that H was there (on the phone) with me to support me.

I can't thank him enough for that. Thank you for always be there for me, through thick and thin.


Another 167 days to our wedding day. Alhamdulillah, everything is almost according to plan.

1. Fiance's ring is ready. We bought his ring on the last week of June and about 3 weeks later which is on Friday, we received a call saying that the ring is ready for picked up. The ring fits him well and we will have it engraved some time in October together with the resizing and engraving of my bling.

2. We sent our wedding outfit for his reception on Saturday. Major relieved there! First fitting for my outfit is scheduled to be somewhere in October and second fitting is in November. His fitting will be after raya which is in September or October. So October will definitely be a busy month for us!

3. My DIY project is going as according to plan as well albeit a little bit slow than I initially expected. To date, I have made 5 boutonnieres and 3 headbands. I was so absorb in doing the boutonnieres that I have to put DIY pomander balls on hold for the time being. Once I got the pace back, I will do both projects simultaneously.

4. Inspired by Faradiba's dip hand bouquet, I decided to have dip hand bouquet for my majlis tandang. Since future FIL decided that the theme is going to be traditional, Fiance and I will be donning songket! I suck big time at any attempt of doing any flower arrangement, so I decided to ask my friend to do it for me. She has her own online business for dip flower going on for a while and it worth checking out. Go to Krafbunga. Nurul was among my best-friend during Form 1-3 (before I went to boarding school) so I get special rate for my hand bouquet. Ngeh ngeh ngeh. Knowing her since Form 1, she is very dedicated and talented in the artsy schmansy stuffs. Trust me, I've seen all her art works since school and it never failed to awe me.

5. Can anyone please tell me when exactly is the Mega Sale? We have few items to shop for our hantaran gifts and the perfect time to buy those items are during Mega Sale. It also means that I have to forget the idea of buying new purse to replace my already battered purse for a while. Wedding comes first. It is sad, isn't it?

6. I am waiting anxiously for the designer to email me her sketches. Met her about 2 weeks ago and after our meeting, I heard nothing from her! I.AM.ANXIOUS. Hopefully she will not forget about this.

Can you believe that we're 5 months engaged and another 5 months to go? It's crazy I tell you.


Yanie said...

Hi dear, mind to share with me tak mana u beli ur fiance's ring? i tengah cari ring ni but then tak tau satu apa pun macam mana nak buat, sebabnya my fiance doesnt fancy wearing ring and both of us have no idea on how a wedding ring for a man should look like, and the budget, real cost bla bla... alamak... pendek kata... hopeless la benda2 macam ni... kalau u boleh beri tunjuk ajar sikit... :)

NahWaL said...

moose pon crazy!!! LOL. i missed u moose. eh? HAHA.

kau crazy, dah tu kita ni camne? tak ke menggelupor nak siapkan benda? Tapi tak menggelupur sangat pon. macam kata bapak aku, its not work if its not last minute. HAHAA

Moose said...

ok, i'll make a special entry on men's ring for you. insya Allah :)

i miss you too! haha *cium lesbo*
aku baru crazy lite-lite. korang memang dah totally crazy. biat crazy tapi jangan meroyan. eh?

Yanie said...

Yes... thanks a lot moose... i really appreciate it.... tak sabar!

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

aku yg lagi bape hari ni ni kategori ape moose? sikit la nak lemas? haha..

Moose said...

no problem!

ko ala-ala nyawa2 ikan dah. hahaha