The Proposal

Paulo Coelho has always been one of my favourite writer. And I like the way he writes and expresses things.

One of my favourite books of his would be Like The Flowing River, a 2006 story collection of his. One of my favourite story was about a man who asked for 12 volunteers on a plane shortly before the plane landed at the airport. Coelho was among those who raised their hands to volunteer. Each of the volunteers carries a stalk of rose. Curious, Coelho followed them.

Apparently, the man on the plane was trying to propose his girlfriend who is waiting for him at the airport. The volunteers present one by one the roses that they carried to the girlfriend and towards the end of the 12th roses, the man proposed to his girlfriend.

Awwwwwwww, isn't it romantic? To be proposed by the man you loved in public? To hell with public humiliation, the romantic side of me will cringe with glee if I were to be proposed like that!

Sadly, I can only dream. While some of you may have the best memories of your life about being proposed by your spouse, I have none. My fiance isn't exactly the right person to do such actions (though he's very generous with "I love you") but I am not complaining. I actually been with a man who would do such things (hint: my ex) but turned out, I didn't quite like it and don't know how to react to such surprises. Poor bastard soul was left standing while waiting for my reaction during my 23th birthday. Gosh, how could I? I am sleepy when he did the whole candle-path-that-led-towards-my-birthday-present thingy. The only thing I managed to utter was thank you and how come the present was so small. HAHAHA.

When I asked my fiance why he didn't exactly propose to me in the kneeling-on-one's-knee-and-pop-the-question manner, he simply said, why would he? Even if he proposed to me first, we'll have to go through our parents eventually. So he's just cutting it short by letting his parents did the job for him. Afterall, the talks about marriage has always been there since the day we got serious (again). We know for the fact that we want to get married. To each other. Period.

So he said.

Hmm. Maybe I should buy him the "Romantic Guide 101" or "Romance for Dummies" instead?


miralatiff said...

Romantic nyer guy dalam story tu..kalau I jadi girlfriend dia sure I speechless and tak tau nak react camne..maybe hug him for a start kot..hehehe

I think some guys are just too ego to acting romantically towards us..maybe dieorg ingat dieorg akan jadi begitu jiwang sebab bagi bunga to their girlfriend/wife..ridiculous kan??

si kecil said...

i love this book! so inspired..
moose, linked your blog ok.

Moose said...

i dunno maybe for some, being romantic are just not in their DNA kot. i know that altho my fiance is not romantic and all, what he lacks in that, he makes up for other things. hihi.

si kecil:
yeah, sure. no prob. i really love all Coelho books.

Qis said...

ohh, i'm too a collector. love his work.