Of Reunion & Friendship

My high schoolmates are organizing a reunion at our beloved school come November. This year marks that 10 years had passed since SPM.

I choose not to go because:

  • I have no sentimental feeling to go back to school. I only spend a couple of years there unlike other who had spent good old 5 years. Hence, I feel no attachment. Sure there were some good memories but I believe reunion can take place anywhere.

  • It's a month near to the wedding and each and everyone has to pay RM 350. I rather save the money for something last minute wedding related.

  • And the major reason is; most of my school mates are either married, married with babies or married and expecting. Although I am soon to be married, the feeling isn't the same. I'll be the few not-yet-married, single and lonely (human) being there. Of course I have my fiance but it's inappropriate to drag him all the way to Kedah to join the reunion. Besides, if I were to go, we're supposed to spend the night there as it is a 2 days event.

And besides, from what I heard none (OK, maybe few) of my high school clique is going. I don't want to chance the feeling of being awkward as I am not particularly close to any girls outside my circle of friends. Yes, I call it circle of friends because whenever I am outside of that perimeter, I'd turn into this shy, awkward, not so fun girl. Like an old car, I need time to warm up to people.

Don't we all?

My fiance said that I am (too) comfortable with the (few) friends that I have and encourages me to seek out new friends. Honestly, I am sort of person that will stick through thick and thin once I accepted someone into my life. I don't simple make friends with anyone just for the sake of you know, making friends? That's pretty much explain why currently I only have about 303 friends on my FB list. Itu pun lepas edit dan buang siapa-siapa yang tak berkenaan. Macam ala-ala pembersihan etnik gituh. Kejam, I know but I can't help it. I can't pretend to be friends to people that I am not really friends with. I am (too) honest, just like that.

And with these few friends that I have, I tried to occasionally keep in touch with them. We may not call, SMS or chat with each other everyday but we tried to whenever we have time. I know that with works and other commitments, things can get a little out of hand and friendship can stray. Carrie Bradshaw once said, to make friendship lasts we have to invest in friendship/emotional retirement plan. And I totally agree as friendship can't magically last forever. We have to gradually build it up to last.

So that's I organized a small get-together and iftar for my ALGians friends today (technically yesterday as today is already Sunday). I was glad that my friends shown up albeit your miss organizer here turn up a little bit late than expected. Favourite excuse of Malaysian #1 - blame it on heavy traffic jam. Which is partially true.

We talked, we w(h)ined and dined. We laughed and made silly jokes. We talked gibberish and yet everyone was so happy. At times, I was thinking if all of the joyful moment can repeat itself. How and what can we do to preserve it? Each of us will soon get married, have kids and grow older. We might get so soaked with our own life that we might forget about friends that we had and have. Then it occur to me that to just enjoy the as it is because:

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the "present."

- Master Oogway [Kungfu Panda]

Don't you agree?


nowicannotspeak said...

moose! skolah aku pun buat reunion besar2an end of october. tp aku pun mcm malas nk pegi je atas alasan2 yg lebih kurg mcm ko tuh haha. tp alasan 1st tu tak sgt la, yes aku still attach dgn dorg, tp the one yg aku still attach mmg tak perlu nk reunion2 bagai pun sbb dah mmg slalu hang-out sama haha. tp alasan ke-3 ko adalah amat tepat spt yg ku rasa haha.

reena said...

Wah kira besar besaran eh your reunion. Anyway i agree with u. I pun macam u. Selesa wit my geng. U know, kawan yg eventho kita sometimes jadi pain in the ass, buat stupid jokes, but they still accept us & laugh at our jokes. Kalau yg baru kenal ni, lambat skit nak warm up.

Moose said...

aku cam malas gile nak pegi. haha. alasan ke-3 tu yang paling kukuh sekali. aku rasa budak perempuan batch aku adelah dalam 10 je kot yang tak kawin2 lagi. boring siot pegi reunion yang semua orang pun its either married or have kids. unless if you're so successful in career la. tapi aku career pun ntah ke mana. haha

Moose said...

this school reunion memang besar-besaran. macam ala2 reminiscing 10 years after school la gitu.lepas tu siap ade motivational talks to students la ape la. malas gile nak pergi. same la kita. i jenis stick to few friends that will be with you thru thick and thin kan. lagi best.

Zariza said...


Komen x de kena mengena ngan tajuk..eheheh...

Cik Moose kawen kat Perlis ek? same with me lar...mana tu? ( edisi jejak kasih )

Moose said...

yes, kahwin dekat perlis. dekat mana tu rahsia, boleh? haha

miralatiff said...

Moose..nak tanyer skit..Moose ni ex-J*enan ker? sbb my husband nyer reunion pon on November and buat kat skolah..ker kebetulan jer?

Moose said...

OMG, yes i am ex j*nan! who's your husband???

p/s: jgn bagitau die pls. HAHA (laugh nervously)

miralatiff said...

Moose..kite dah tanyer husband..he knew you well! die kate moose satu rumah dengan die..kite rase moose kenal kot die..org panggil die chipmunk..

Husband kite one of the organizer for the reunion..But I am not sure I can join him or not..depends on my schedule..=)

how small the world is!!

Moose said...

OMG, chipmunk!! kenal sangat2.cis, musuh utama masa sekolah. HAHA.

yes, what a small world indeed!

p/s: jgn bagitau die pasal blog i. matilah lepas ni tak boleh mengumpat sape2 dah. huhu

miralatiff said...

Don't worry..Your blog secret safe with me..:P