Some of you may already know that I used to live in Germany for good old 5 years.

When I was staying in Frankfurt for my Diplomarbeit, I used to frequented the Frankfurt's flea market a lot. I was in a way one of the regulars. There are 2 major flea markets in Frankfurt and both are held on Saturdays. There is one which near to my rented house; Frankfurt Hoechst and another one is near to the Rhein(?) river, and is smack in the middle of Frankfurt's old town.

I'm an avid vintage lover. Apart from flea market, thrift shop and Ebay are the best next thing to find these hidden treasures. The smell of thrifted and vintage clothes might be appalling to some but I couldn't care less. Vintage pieces are rare and you won't be caught dead wearing the same top with 5 other different people. If you are an individualist like me, you should have known better.

I want to share some of the photos that (H and) I took during one of my visits. H visited me in Frankfurt on that particular weekend and I just had to tag him along!

Yours truly, busy scouting and eye-ing things
Old books.

I bought Vogue Guide to Cosmetic and Beauty book for a mere 8Euro here. I also got myself an Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll for 4Euro, but not here. Old English books are hard to find, so whenever I saw one, I just had to buy.

Jackets, blazers and coats. And yes, they are different.
Vintage dresses.
I would love to upload more photos but my internet connection is being a pain in the ass right now and I just don't have the patience to wait.

Next, I would love to share some of vintage items that I had bought (and re-sell) over the years.


Amalina said...

mooseeee..aku pon suke pegi flea market!!..kat france susah sket nak jumpe..especially cam bandar aku duduk tu..unless klu minat barangan antique gile2..maybe kot..otherwise kne gi paris

but if aku visit kakak kat uk..harus aku heret dia pegi carboot sale...buku2 yg hardcover like 1 pound, dvd ori 3 pound, set pinggan mangkuk royal albert yg masih dlm kotak 10 pound..omg..speechless

pestu penat mengangkut semua barang..muhahahha

reena said...

Tetiba teringat ada rancangan tv makeover rumah guna barang terpakai dari flea market & garage sales.

sumpit said...

satu lg etsy.
Best gak, kekadang murah gak, kalu org bid kat ebay pon maybe naik lg tinggi. Tp yg kalu best tu, cepat je la kena kebas.

Moose said...

yes! carboot sale in london. nasib baik masa aku pegi london tak sempat terjah thrift and vintage shop dekat sana. klo tak mau beg overload! aku dulu selalu bace fashion blogs from fellow parisian. teruja gile tengok flea market dekat paris. masa aku pegi paris, minat dekat vintage stuffs ni belum evolve lagi. klo tak harus aku borong

Moose said...

oh ye ke? i love home deco from flea market. yang macam shabby chic and rustic tu lagi i suke

masa tu etsy baru nak famous.lepas tu tak banyak seller from deutschland.seller from US je yg banyak sebab etsy start dr situ kan? lepas tu nak kena paypal segala. malas aku sebab tak reti guna paypal. ebay aku suka beli sebab überweisung je. senang pun senang.

nizabeba said...

moose, nmpk sgt menarik flea market die..waa, mst byk u borong..
p/s: i kne start carik kamus german pasni..hehe

miralatiff said...

Sometimes barang2 vintage ni lagi tahan lama dari barang2 yg beli baru..

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Carboot tak de dekat Manchester tapi kalau nak pegi, kene amik bus pegi out of town sketla.

And yes, even though second handed, tapi carboot best gile!

Hehehe. Eh, check your mail. I have a query for you. =)