I decided not to let the whole cousin-bailing-out-on-me issue any much longer and took the matter into my own hands. My DIY project file is starting to piling up on me. I never openly spoke about about my project but I am gonna spill it out here. You know, gotta let it out of my system so that I can back on track.

Till to this date my DIY projects are:
  • pomander balls
  • boutonnieres
  • thank you tag (already done in a mere 30 minutes)
  • headband
  • location map for the invitation card

and as crazy as it sounds, during Raya holiday I got so inspired and decided to do this

as well. But no, this is not it. But mine was inspired by it.

I know I am not a superwoman and with 86 days more to go, I wish I can manage to do it all.

Insya Allah.

The only thing that I am having difficulties right now is drawing the location map. Urgh, I hate drawing a map because I don't know where my map should begin. And to draw it all, I might as well put the whole map of Perlis on the card. Tak pun letak coordinate dalam card je. Lepas tu pandai-pandailah masing-masing GPS kan location rumah pengantin kan.

Matilah sesat siapa takde GPS tu. Padan muka. Ketinggalan zaman sangat takde GPS.

Matilah berlagak ade GPS katenye. Hiks.

Lepas tu ape update lagi untuk wedding ni? Seriously, penatlah nak fikir what-to-do and all. Can we just skip the wedding and go to the marriage part? My ideal wedding is simple - nikah. That's all. I have not do anything much for the reception part. My main concern is the nikah. When the nikah is ok, I can relax already.

Oh yeah, we went fabric shopping with hot sought after designer on Saturday. It was fun haggling the price! Even with discounted price, I can't believe we pay that much just for the fabric. Mind you, my wedding dresses don't have any lace, solstiss lace ke, french lace ke, chiffon ke ape tau. It gonna be simple, clean and chic with minimal beading. I know I'm gonna like it but I'm afraid of what mom has to say about it. She didn't say much when I showed her the sketches the other day. I really hope that she's ok with it.

Fingers cross!

And oh, I didn't mention anything about the whole concept of the wedding kan? The reason is because I didn't have any! But after much thinking, I would love if my wedding has that fun, laid-back, whimsical and vintage-y feeling to it. And I hope I can achieve that. I know it might be different from what we used to but I was hoping to make that difference! And I love vintage so much that it would be a sin not to at least inject the vintage-y element into the wedding. What element? Well, that one you have to find out because I'm still thinking!



yUmIe said...

Hi..u DIY pomander ball alone??guna bunga or paper crepe?

Moose said...

yup, i'm doing all of these by myself, alone. gile tak gile. and oh, i use crepe paper.

farahfatihah said...

hi mus....baru jumpa link kamu

chepoh said...

cantik2..owh, btw, im ur new follower..nice blog ;)

rawsktar said...

aku pun terhegeh2 nk lukis peta ke kg sg berembang, kuala perlis. tp settle dh. aku letak jugak coordinates, in case ada org yg pakai GPS.

Hana said...

chanteq la the new DIY project tu ? :) 86 days masih ade mase lagi..

yUmIe said...

moose: i pn tgh plan nk DIY pomander ball using crepe paper.tp so far xjmpe cari lagi la that paper.u beli kt mne moose??

Moose said...

well, hello there!


klo malas nak lukis map, nak letak GPS coordinates je boleh? haha. gosh, i have to literally drag myself to draw the map. urrgh!

cantik, sebab yang dalam gambar tu bukan i buat. yang i buat taktau la jadi cam ape.

crepe paper tu i beli dekat kedai bunga reben, jln tar. i think any kedai yang jual barang2 kawin should have crepe paper.

shueyshoelove said...

hahahha. sama sama. saya pun tak ada concept and my color scheme changes like sumpah banyak kali!!!! looking forward to seeing ur whole wedding do. loving the happy,laidback, whimsical, vintagey concept. good luck moose!!

0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

gud luck sis!! hope u sempat buat semuanye. bagi settle habis-habisan before wedding day u. tak sabar nak tengok baju. hehehe.

idayusof said...

mek, ari tu pon aku letak coordinate gak kad kawen. senang sket kat orang yg dah pakai GPS ni. maklumlah zaman teknologi nih. xpe, sket je tu.

p.s: ape kate mintak tolong ayah kau sketch bersama-sama?

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

I'm DIY-ing my wedding invitation card for both sides :)

I'll probably contribute to the idea, the fiance will take photos and design the map and we'll print the cards out ourselves, maybe. Else, if we manage to find a cheap printing, we'll send the design there.

I'm not a fan of hard covered cards. Orang buang je nanti. Like I did on my friends' cards. Hahaha.

Moose said...

yes, i really hope that i can pull the whole whimsical, vintage concept off. kot berangan itu indah je karang. haha.

don't put high hopes and imagination to my dress. it's so simple that you'll never have guess it's a wedding dress. but i am happy with it. as i said i do not want to wedding to be so typical looking.

yes. my dad is good when it comes to drawing map.

Moose said...

betul! i always throw away the invitation card. haha. so no expensive invitation card for me.

designing our own invitation card really sounds like a tedious and bad idea to me. because i'm not creative like that. huhu.