...with capital letters.

Remember in my previous entry about my cousin whom I asked to design the invitation card?

Guess what?

That particular cousin of mine bailed out on me! And it's 88 days till the wedding! How can I not be stressed out?

Why la when it's only 2++ months that he bailed out? Why la not sooner? I had asked him to design it in March. In March ok. And he said he can do it in a matter of time. I also asked him to do the "Thank You" tag as well. Nothing fancy, just a simple stripe-y card and simple "Thank You" tags. Knowing me, I don't want anything fancy. I prefer to keep it clean, chic and simple.

I may not know how to design it graphically and to properly convey my message to him, I showed him a sample of the design. Complete dengan sample sekali ok. His work was to copy it, change the colour a bit, add some wording and insert the map. But he couldn't do it. And said so last minute.

Should I went bonkers because of this? I was trying to cut cost tapi kalau jadi macam ni, seriously I don't mind paying. If paying someone to do it can make my life easier, why not.

To whom should I turn to? Any graphic designer who want to help me for free?


puan rocker said...

woaw! bridezilla moment sdh mari.

babe if u want a card yg simple n cheap but still look nice n simple without the usual typical fancy² thingy and blh siap super fast one, try go to kadlawo.com. their service sgt superb! hope this will help ya. ;)

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...


chenta said...

untuk kad maybe u boleh mintak tolong beautifulandbright design kan.dia takdela buat full time graphic2 thingy ni tapi dia sangat helpful and her work also very simple yet nice,i love her map!!
tak puunn,,u hire our bridal supernova laa!!she's good kan!? ;) chaiyo2,good luck yang!!

nowicannotspeak said...

moose! aku pun sbenanye tak buat2 lagi kad. still tgh pk on how nak taruk 4 nama dlm kad nnti hoho

ps: moose, mane tau ade hikmah.. kot2 pasni ko menang contest dpt design & printing kad kawen free ke hehe :)

sumpit said...

nak harap org mmg susah la...
tu aku design sendiri, masalahnya aku x creative, pastu outcome jadi buruk.

for the same price, kalu aku pandai skit, bole je add multiple colors n hot stamping.

ko amik je design yg dah ada, byk gak yg cantik2....

Moose said...

aim, bridezilla moment baru dtg sikit ni. hihi. walaupun a bit stress out about this matter tapi belum sampai tahap nak nangis lagi. and thanks for the suggestion

huda! haha

thanks babe for the suggestion! my main concern is the map la sbb i dunno how to draw the map. rumah i takde dlm google map pun tau. sedih sangat. sob sob

Moose said...

eh aritu bukan ko ckp ko dah buat ke? haaa, cepat2. takde mana2 vendor kad nak buat contest ke? haha

kad ko sama dgn kad alem tu kan? takde la buruk. cantik je aku rase. buruk tu klo kad letak muka pengantin. matilah selamber laser. haha

puan rocker said...

dear pakai my google map. pin the location of your house and send link dkt semua org. ;)

Moose said...

rumah i takde dalam google map. matilah kampung sangat. haha