As of late, there is too much drama at the workplace.

And no, I am not in the entertainment industry.

Drama is fun to watch but not when it jeopardize your career. And the worst thing is that, some lame ass who got nothing better to do spread around bad words and I'm the victim.


*sarcasm detected*

I wonder if these kind of people feed on other's misery. They strive to be as bad and as sore as they can and radiate negative energy.

Kind of like Kryptonite, it weakens Superman. These dirty creatures, they weaken human beings.



I am so sleep-deprived that my brain can't properly work. With the constant worry over nuptial related matters, career and personal problems, I have over-worked my brains out so much that I toss and turn during the night and become so restless that it's impossible to sleep. The weather lately didn't help much either. Often I was drenching in my own sweat at night even with the fan spinning on maximum speed and me wearing little clothes that it barely left anything for you to imagine.

And no, I didn't wear my wedding negligee. Gotta save them for the honeymoon.

*Clears throat*



I feel so ayu today. Because I wore a white kebaya nyonya to work. The Company is having Raya makan-makan for its staffs and we're required to wear our Raya attire. The kebaya is not my Raya outfit for this year. But it was in 2007. Glad that after all the carbs-laden food, I can still fit nicely in it. I am so proud of myself. Heh.


I can't believe that Nawal is getting married today!


idayusof said...

phewwit! so will see u in white kebaya nyonya this evening. first time ea?

♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

i love ur kebaya babe :)
plus u tnggi, sgt cantik je fit kat badan :)))
nice meeting u..