Random Rant

It is kinda freaky of how fast time flies.

  1. It's 98 days till the wedding.
  2. My raya holiday is almost over and come Monday, it's work time.

Fun time over baby.



H and I went to Ikea yesterday to survey for furniture for our future crib. Who knows that furniture hunting can be so much fun?

It's fun to think that Ikea showroom is your dream home. Or play the part.

I always had a penchant for vintage stuffs and at times like these, I wish that we have our own flea or vintage market where I can rummage and find hidden gem.

Vintage furniture is way lot cooler than mass production furniture.

At least I do think so.


My career life is still a topsy-turvy and people constantly advising me on what (they think) I should do is annoying. I appreciate the help but what helps is to just listen instead of giving advice. Sometimes it is not the advice that I seek for but it's the silence and the comfort of someone is listening.


This might come as shocking but I think I am having "cold feet". Is it normal? Or should I just wear a sock?


puan rocker said...

it's normal babe to have cold feet bila wedding ticker showed less than 100days until ur w-day. just keep it loose and bertahan k! ;)

and yeah how i wish that we had REAL flea market/ vintage market here in M'sia. its always nice to decorate the house dgn valuable items yg we had good stories to share with other people instead of simply buying 'em from normal stores. :)

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

I love love shopping for home furniture! Ikea ada promo bayar ansuran for members right? I love everything Ikea too! Hehe :)