My last haircut was a year ago and since my tresses are getting long(er), I guess it's the perfect timing.

So I cut 'em short.

Super short.

I figure short hair style would suit me better and less time and fuss to manage. What's with me going to the gym and all. My hair is slightly below the shoulder blade and if I were to wash and blow it dry, it would take me exactly half an hour. So time consuming.

So off with the head hair.

And I go from boring plain jane shoulder-length hair to this

well, minus the gorgeous face. Of course.

Secretly, I was opting for a pixie cut ala Michelle Williams but I am afraid that if I were to go for it, Fiance is going to have the shock of his life accompanied by a heart attack. As he had warned me not to cut my hair too short. I think that he, like the rest of them, prefer women with long hairs.

Seriously, what is up with men and long hairs? Is it some kind of unwritten fetish or something that I do not know of?

Oh well, maybe for my next haircut, who knows that by then he might change his mind?

I had my hair done at a hair salon opposite the spanking and brand new Pullman hotel in Kuching. If you are in Kuching and looking for a nice haircut with friendly and professional staffs, kindly heed to the Trendzcut salon at the location previously (Jalan Padungan) mentioned. The owner Gerald himself cut my hair and he carefully listened to what I had in mind. I was charged only RM 26 and was fully satisfied with their service. My aunt and sister had their hairs washed and blew for only RM 16 each! They even get massaged! It was among the best money I spent. I was so overblown with the haircut that I even forgot to tip them! Aiyoo..terlupa sungguh!

My aunt had her hair washed and blew at Jantzen (The Spring) the day before and was not satisfied with their service. After her incident at Jantzen, she even wrote an official complaint to Jantzen voicing out her dissatisfaction. Imagine my surprise when she commented the good service Trendzcut provided.

Overall, two thumbs up to Trendzcut for the excellent haircut and service. If I were in Kuching, this is the only hair salon that I'd go.

I am so in love with the look and I do hope Fiance does too!

P/s: This is not an advertorial.


Xora said...

P/s: This is not an advertorial-- tu statement mahal :D

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Dang. That reminds me. I need a haircut too! I haven't cut my hair short since 1 1/2 year ago and God knows I dah naik rimas dan menyampah dengan rambut sendiri. I have always had short short short hair and never grew this long. I was thinking of having a stylish bob cut. What say you?

sumpit said...

i too need to get a haircut.
rm26 tu is super super cheap. I can only dream of getting such a cheap service in kl (kimarie dulu rm25, sekarang tatau la).
But i still need to get one pronto. Tp tunggu next week la, buat kat kl je, but i dunno la kat mana best... *sigh*

btw, ada la laki suka rmbut pendek. my bf at one time asyik dok recommend fasion rambut pendek je. But i know my face, i once had a short haircut and looked like a monkey, so jgn harap aku nak potong pendek lg.

sumpit said...

eh, exactly 100 more days la! nice number.

guess u succumbed to having a ticker on yr blog too eh? ;)

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

balik kampong!! haha, moose potong rambut, nak tgk boleh?

Reen Tart Nenas said...

cannot cut my hair now, nak kawen dah, nanti nak buat hair-do susah... owh, tapi serius, memang best berambut pendek! jimat syampu :D

Moose said...


bob cut is so classic and can never go wrong! i had a classic bob cut since i was 2 and was actually pretty tired of it. my current hairdo is the short stylish version of the classic bob according to the hair stylist.

Moose said...

lawak ok gunting rambut pendek muka jadi cam monyet! haha.

kat kl, makcik aku warned jgn gunting kat jantzen, even hair stylist tu pun cakap benda yg sama. he recommends a cut above tapi ade orang cakap price-wise, kedai tu "a cut throat". hehe.

aku saje letak ticker mase the last remaining 4 months. awal2 aritu aku tak letak lagi.

Moose said...

sangatlah takde keje kan nak tangok rambut aku. tu tgk gambar yoanna house tu je cukup. hehe.

yes! jimat shampoo tu betul! short hair bride cantik ape. no need to buat typical sanggul2 rambut sume tu. lagi senang.