Joyous Day

One of my close friends for 9 years has tied the knot today. Ironically on this joyous event of her, I was feeling kinda sad. Sad for the fact that she will no longer always be there for me. Sad for the fact that she will have her own family soon and may not have the time to listen to my bickering.

But honestly, deep down in my heart I am sincerely happy for her. Happy for the fact that she tied the knot to her beloved fiance. Happy for the fact that little Miss F or Mr. H will pop out at least 9 months and 10 days from now. Hehe.

I met her when we were 19. We were roommates and classmate from day one during our preparation days and were in the same university in Germany. We would always lepak together, cooking, eating, grocery shopping, traveling. Basically we do most of the stuffs together.

When we're back for good, we'd always texting or YM-ing each other on how we missed the stuffs that we did so much. Macam spend 2 hours at the grocery store flipping through gossip magazines (haha), mengumpat artis-artis Malaysia masa tengok award shows or Melodi. HAHA. Aktiviti macam loser tapi fun. Lepas tu tengok movie dekat PC sambil buat sinopsis dan jadi pengarah sendiri. Tengok cerita hantu lepas tu jadi cerita lawak sebab sambil tengok sambil sibuk kasi idea parody. We gonna be the best parody directors if we were given the chance. Hehehe. Setakat Scary Movie tu apa lah sangat. We can come out with a parody movie that is 100 times better than that.

Kesimpulannya, satu je - kuat mengarut. HAHA.

I was so lucky to be part of her day. To be able to witness the moment of her unity to her beloved. I do wish she could be part of mine as well, soon. Insya Allah.

To my dearest friend F,

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deiner Hochzeit. Many many happy years to come for both of you.

I can't wait for the day I can be a cool hip aunty to your kid(s). Hehe.

I love you bebeh!

Us in Zürich circa 2004

Selamat Pengantin Baru jugak kepada Xora dan Zaila!


♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

Babe, aku ingat ko ade jugak kat wedding zaila. ramai jugak tadi :)

Moose said...

sorry but can't make it ahad lepas. i was at my friend's wedding dari pagi sampai almost pukul 4. balik tu terus terbongkang tido. nak singgah kenduri nahwal pun tak sempat