Schoenes Wochenende

My weekend started off with German Alumni event on Friday evening at the German Embassy Residence. I took an early leave so that I have ample time to get ready. I was driving alone with the help of my GPS to find the place. I thought it would be easy with the technology but boy was I totally wrong!

About 2 hours later, I was cursing and yelling like a mad woman. I was going in circle for at least 1 hour. The stupid GPS keep on directing me to a Chinese restaurant that I had to pull over and asked someone for direction. Despair, I called up few friends for direction. Luckily my fiance told me to park my car at some unknown building's car park and from there we dragged our poor tired souls to the residence.

It was an event where you do your social networking, talked gibberish in (my rusty) German. Basically boring. Hehe. If it were not for the fact that I wanna meet potential employers and meeting my friends, lets say that I won't be there. My evening ended late as my fiance and I and a couple of friends sambung lepak session dekat Lebanese/Arabian restaurant along Jalan Damai till 1am. Smoked sisha a bit. OMG, I think it has been ages kot since last time I smoked. Sisha la, of course. Ahem. By the time I reached home it was already 3am and I was totally zombied.

Then, on Saturday we went to DeGem The Gardens to finally(!) resize my ring. We didn't know that resizing gonna cost money but luckily our SA promised that we could drop by anytime. Save a couple of bucks there. Unfortunately, we still have to pay for the engraving. Initially we wanted to engrave our names together with the wedding date but since 1 character gonna costs us RM10, the initial of our names will just do. Lepas tu pergi Goldheart, Midvalley and since H's ring was bought there, we decided to do the engraving there. Lagipun engraving dekat Goldheart free. Buuuuuttttt, engraving dekat Goldheart is manually done and not laser engraving as at DeGem and the outcome turned out to be so not nice. I can barely see the names and date. Tapi what to do, dah engrave kan.

I dunno, but I always have this feeling of dissatisfaction towards Goldheart's services. Their service is not up to par with DeGem or even D&P. Dahla diamond ring dekat Goldheart is waaaaayy expensive compared to kedai lain-lain. Tapi design tak cantik. HAHA. But seriously, I'd recommended DeGem or Diamonds&Platinum anytime. The service, their after-sale service is very good I tell you. Is it just me or korang pun ada bad experience with Goldheart as well?

On Sunday, I went out with my best friend who's getting married on this coming Sunday for a little catching up session and mani pedi at The Curve. The entrance to The Curve was jam packed yesterday and it was madness that my friend spent 45 minutes of her time searching for a free parking spot at IKEA! Gilos. Luckily I parked my car at e@Curve, there were ample of parking there. Aku siap park dekat female parking spot lagi. Very der feminine color pink. HAHA.

By the time kitorang jumpe, both of us were starving like death that we decided to have lunch at TGI Fridays. I ate all of my Chicken something-something with Pepper and Mushroom sampai licin! Habis, takde tinggal ape pun. It's either the portion was too small or aku lapar macam raksasa Gorgon. We had our mani pedi at The Nail Shop. It costs us RM128 for a Spa Manicure and Pedicure but the outcome was so worth the money. My nails are shining like a mirror and never looked better! But I'd still much prefer Nail Creative at Subang Parade. Siap ade hand and foot massage lagi and the price is less than that of The Nail Shop. But, my friend siap kena massage lagi. Well, maybe because I hinted them that she's getting married and hence the extra treatment? Well well well, then I should hinted them that I'm getting married as well!

So, how was your weekend?


missbutterfly said...

babe..aku tak terpikir pun nak engrave! hahaha..takpe lah. ko beli palladium kah dkt goldheart tu?? kat tempat lain takder kan? dah merata aku cari..ko mmg buat slalu eh mani padi? haha..aku nak kawen baru nak buat.hahaha.. weekend aku macam giler! HAHA..macam2 dugaan..astaghfirullah..

Moose said...

yup beli cincin laki dekat goldheart. tula satu2 je kedai ade jual palladium. terpaksa beli dekat situ. kot kedai lain ade, jangan harap aku nak beli dekat situ. service tak semenggah.

kitorang engrave sebab ala2 nak personalize gitu. haha. aku takde la selalu buat mani pedi. kopak duit. lagipun aku bukan madam tai tai yang sampai kuku pun nak sentiasa berkilat kan. hiks. ni sebab bff aku nak kawin,kire teman die buat la. last time aku buat mani pedi mase aku tunang kot which was in february. lama gile tu tak buat.

si kecil said...

huh? x cantik ke engrave kt goldheart. cuak la pulak. confirm2 ring laki aku beli kt situ. mcm xde choice. aiyok..

reena said...

Huish dah lama gila kot tak buat mani pedi ni.

bride2wife said...

moose, how come you have to pay to engrave since you bought your ring there?

next time pg DeGem OU ok... I got my laser engrave for FREE!..hehe

Moose said...

si kecil:
aku cam tak puas hati la. taktau la kot orang lain. engraving die tak dalam, maybe because it's manually done kot..

i pun lama gile dah tak buat. last time i buat masa i nak bertunang aritu.

what??!! they did yours for free? i dunno, SA kitorang aritu dah pindah pergi pavillion. but he promised the resizing is free tapi engraving die ckp kena bayar sbb workshop diorang charge.