It is...

Yeah, like WTH??!!

I am so serabut that most of the time I will not even get the simplest jokes. 5 months ago I would be laughing my head off at even the lamest jokes but now, I was like..

What??? I didn't get you..

all the time that it's not fun. I am a fun person ok! Or I used to be. Now I am like zombie. Eh eh eh. I believe that I've completed most of the things that I am sometimes paranoid if I had left anything out.

Well, lets see what are the things that I already accomplished:

  • Legal forms have been submitted. Will get the approval around 2 weeks before the actual nikah date.
  • Caterer/canopy booked
  • MUA for both side booked
  • Accessories for tandang booked
  • Pelamin booked
  • Wedding rings
  • H's baju Melayu for all the 3 events
  • Accessories to go along with his all three baju
  • All DIY stuffs except for my button bouquet are ready
  • First batch of invitation cards have been posted
  • Wedding favours
  • Tudung for all reception
  • Order wedding cake

Things that are not done yet:

  • All of my dresses
  • Button bouquet
  • Shoes for tandang
  • Guestbook (I am still contemplating on the idea though. I do not want the traditional guestbook and still thinking of something else)
  • Inai (still looking)
  • Wedding favours for H's families
  • Order flowers and flower accessories from Floristika
  • Some items for hantaran
  • Spa and facial

I am so paranoid if I ever miss anything else. Please remind me if I do!


reena said...

Wahhhh lagi sebulan je. Cepat betul masa berlalu.

Hey, by the way, i've received the invitation. Thank you. Comel sangat ok kad u!

nizabeba said...

hey moose, 30 ari mencari cinta..hehe..xpe, byk gak yg dah setel tuh..gud luck k dear!!

Norhayati Rostam said...

Wow, banyak yang dah complete.

si kecil said...

aku blk kedah esok.. kalo ko memerlukan apa2 bantuan, roger aku ok..

missbutterfly said...

weh..baju sanding aku pickup a day before sanding..blh? huhuuh..kalau ko suka hasil kerja designer ko..trust him/her..hehee..tp agak cuak jgk la kan. anyway gudluck!

Moose said...

tula pasal. cepat sangat. arrgghh meroyan. haha.

kad i super simple sebab kata budgeted bride kan. hehe. do come if you can. bawak bf sekali.

thank you. 30 hari mencari cinta tu. wow. hahaha

banyak ke? nape rasa cam sikit je? but do point out if i had missed anything.

si kecil:
wah terharu aku. tapi since adik aku dah balik bercuti, aku harass die je. hehe. ko balik weekend ke ape ni?

hey hey hey. congrats mrs! gile ko, baju sanding pick up 1 day before sanding. kalau siap and it fits takpe, kalau tak siap tak ke haru?