Beauty Tips: Aspirin Mask

Before I started doing series of reviews on my wedding day, I would love to share this beauty tips with all of you.

Few weeks prior to the wedding, my skin started breaking out. Like really bad. I have a combi-dry skin bordering dehydration with a history of eczema but acne was never the issue. Yeah, I do have the occasional monthly breakouts but few weeks ago, zits started popping out like mad. Like they are not having any mercy. Oh, my poor congested face. I know for the fact that because I was so stressed out with the unnecessary drama that has been going on, work-wise or nuptial-wise, I am paying its price. Or rather my skin is.

(Nearly) Flawless skin is very important to me as I do not wear much make up daily. I normally only wear concealer and loose powder on daily basis. I do not even wear lipstick because I have sensitive lips that will chapped if I wear the wrong lipstick. MAC lipsticks are a big no-no to me, even when wearing with lipbalm.

I have encountered various of home remedy to combat zits over the Internet from toothpaste to honey to aloe vera. But I guess, only one works the best for me. And the one being "Aspirin Mask"

I have heard of the aspirin mask before but it never has occurred to me to try it out. The most comprehensive video that I found is from Michelle Phan, the same girl whose recipe to glowing skin that I shared previously.

Watch the video.

1 week prior to the wedding, I have 2 huge zits sitting on my cheek waiting to erupt like a volcano anytime. They are super huge with red bumps. I tried the aspirin mask on day 1 and the size and redness reduce significantly. Most importantly, my skin feels smooth and softer afterward.

On day 2, 1 zit had become smaller. Another one is very degil, still red and huge and still won't reduce its size even after 3 consecutive days. And I hate it!

I was told by Zila Zaman that scrubbing your face a day prior to the wedding is a big no-no as the foundation will not stick onto your face so on day 4, I decided to give it a rest and slabbed on some aloe vera gel instead.

I woke up and the redness of the huge ass zit reduced though the bump is still there. Though it may not make the zits disappear completely, it helps to reduce the redness and bump as well as exfoliates the skin.

So, if you have that "last minute" zits, perhaps you can try out this useful home remedy? It works for me and who knows it might work for you as well?


reena said...

Fuhhhhh nasib baik jerawat sempat surut. Anyway, nak cakap lipstick MAC memang sucks. Eh, cepatttttt updates pasal your wedding. Tak sabaq nak baca nii!

fati said...

thanx moose! harus cuba!

aurinh said...

beware girls.. you have to test dulu bila try because ada yang boleh dapat skin reaction to the aspirin component .. so always do skin patch test on another area like inner arm tgk allergy ke tak sebelum use it ok

fati said...

owhh.. ok! ;)

ReYNa said...

harus cuba ni.thanks babe