Of Groom's Reception

I know that I am supposed to continue with the reception dress review but since the photographer has still not update his blog on that, I shall put the entry on hold. But no worries, I will continue on the series of reviews on other stuffs then. But hehe, I still haven't decide on which one.

p/s: I am giving myself 1.5 months period to talk about the wedding and that's the max. We all have to move on sooner or later, am I right?

Can you believe that we have been married for two weeks? Two weeks y'all and the feeling is still surreal. Like when I woke up in the middle of the night surprised by the sight of a man sleeping next to me. Then I remember - oh, that's my husband. Talking about husband, I unconsciously addressed him as my boyfriend while talking to a colleague the other day. HAHA. So silly of me even when inai masih merah di jari. And people started addressing me "Puan" is hilarious. This whole married thing is still new to me and we are adjusting and adapting to it. This deserves an entry of it's own.

My tandang reception is tomorrow's night and we'd be donning songket since it's supposedly a traditional Malay wedding. I wish that I can invite some bloggers to the wedding but sadly I can't because it's a closed reception. Even some of my friends are not invited. So sorry since we have to make ways for PIL's relatives and friends. But I promise to share the pictures soon.

I am planning to make my own hand bouquet (again) but H is kinda against it since the hotel/decorator is already providing one. But I like my own touch considered that I have (almost) no say in anything else. You know, to add THAT personal touch. Or at least I feel the need to, just because I am individualistic like that. We'll see about that. Now that I am married, I have to obey my husband but I guess he'll understand his wife's off-center character soon. HEHE

Pray for me to never forget to act graceful so that I won't step on the bottom of my songket dress with my 4-inch heels and fall flat on my face. Or grin stupidly like I always do whenever I am nervous or anything that is not bride-ly. I had not behave like a (typical) bride during my reception or control ayu and had no regrets because that's just the way I am. But this event is my husband's event and I have to respect that and will put on my best behave (if there's any). HAHA.

So, good luck to me!


sumpit said...

i doubt many can make an easy transition, not tht it's a big deal or anything. I've been married more than 3 months now, and i still refer to him as my bf :)

anyway, good luck with the reception, and i hope tht everything goes well as well :D

Nariko said...

wey, finally found you. tau ko blogging ahahha.. anyway, i like your writing. linked you!

Selamat pengantin baru.. have fun making babies!! LOLZ

si kecil said...

hohoho..ALL THE BEST MOOSE! that's the most thing i'm scare of..aku pon selalu imagine bukan2..terpijak kain, tersadung kt ujung karpet, err..takut2. aku doakan ko selamat in every way.

Moose said...

transition aint easy. tambah2 bila dah biasa lama dok sorang.

haaaa..matilah aku lepas ni dah tak boleh kutuk2 orang dalam blog. JK! haha. lepas ni dah tak anonymous la aku. cam banyak je orang yang aku kenal dah bace blog ni

pheww. nasib baik takde terjatuh. tapi masa rehearsal adelah tersangkut heels kat carpet. haha