POLL: I would like a review on.....

Since we're one month old yesterday, so it leaves me with another 2 weeks time to do the complete review on my (so-called) big day. Workload has been piling up lately since currently I am doing 2 persons job at one time. One of my superior has left the company so no guess to whom her work is being handed over to.

I have no little time to read my personal emails, let alone update the blog. Lately, most of the entries are auto-published anyway.

At times I was having what you called a writer's block that I have difficulties in putting my thoughts on words. So in order to help me finish off all my wedding reviews, I have come up with a poll. I already got the wedding dress covered, so I am leaving that out.

It's time to vote!

p/s: I will only do review on the top 3 topics based on the voting result.

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