Thank You For

  • bearing with my lousy driving skill. And for not shouting at me when I ramped your car into the car park wall the other day. To my defense, the reverse sensor doesn't work.
  • putting up with my (weird) antics.
  • and having the patience to attend to it.
  • listening to my random rambling. I know that I talk gibberish. And non-stop.
  • giving me the chance to improve myself to be a better wife and companion, every single day.
  • being there for me whenever I am stressed out, without fail.
  • the sleepless night that you have to endure, because apparently I make (annoying) noises when I am asleep. Hehe. And FYI it's not snoring ok!
I am sure there will be more of the above and the likes in the future. Too bad, you already signed up for it for the rest of your life when we're bounded legally. Hehe.

But most importantly, thank you for the wonderful and blissful marriage.

We are one month today.


reena said...

awwwwww. happy 1 monthnivesarry! (ada ka perkataan ni? haha)

missbutterfly said...