Review: Wedding Dresses Part 3

We now come to the last part of the wedding dresses review.

The Tandang Dress

The theme for my bertandang reception is traditional as per requested by my FIL. So in order to stick with the theme, H and I decided that we'll be wearing songket.

And the scout for (cheap) songket begins. One of H's cousin, who got married about 4 years ago suggested the one place that she knew that sell cheap songket from India and Pakistan is City One Plaza which situated next to Semua House at Jalan TAR. So we went there and it's indeed cheap! We got a pair of kain songket material for only RM250! And it includes the material for sampin, bengkung, tanjak for man and a small selendang for woman. And of course the 4m kain each for bride and groom.

My tandang dress was designed and made by Ezuwan Ismail, the young designer known lately for the controversial dress that Raja Farah wore. Hehehe. When we met with him early May, we approached him with the idea that it gonna be a poolside English theme reception and had him sketched 3 designs that I loved so much. Later we knew that FIL had changed his mind to a traditional Malay wedding instead. So we approached him again and had him sketched few new designs. I know that although it's traditional, I didn't want to wear kebaya and would rather stick to baju kurung silhouette. I believe that a simple nice kebaya songket need to be paired with intricate cucuk sanggul, dokoh and other traditional accessories and will automatically stands out on its own. Since I am wearing hijab, I can't donned that all and took a slightly modern approach to it.

So there, a simple baju kurung with mermaid cut bottom (which really kills me masa nak panjat tangga naik pelamin and high table) and with blings blings adornments on the front.

It's pretty simple and straight forward. Just like me. Nak jugak tu. HAHA. The veil is gold-ish in colour with patched lace and minimal beading. I asked for waist length veil because I am such a clutz and awkward whenever I am nervous so the chance of me tripping on the veil (if it's long) while walking is high. So better be safe than sorry girls. Ini kira ala-ala extra precaution untuk diri sendiri la. Hehe. Besides it would incurred extra cost so if you are on budget constraint, cut while you can. Gituh!

I am thinking of renting out both of groom's and bride's attire for this one. Tapi harga belum finalized lagi but rest assured, it definitely cheaper than sewa dari bridal boutique or tempah (designer or not). The veil can be rented out separately, if you like.


Renee Meow said...

so pretty..! :) owh i baru je follow n linked u..hehe :D


reena said...

Very simple & 'fresh' design dia. suka!

nizabeba said...

cantekkk!! =)

sumpit said...

man, you're tall (during the reception as was i)! :D

0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

cantik kooootttttttttttttttt!!!! tetibe fall in love dengan songket. ehehe.

Reen Tart Nenas said...

simple design but colour songket tu mmg kewl! chantek!

si kecil said...

hahahahahahahahahaha!!! aku tak tahan tgk ko control senyum ayu. comel sgt! tapi serius design n warna baju tu lawa. buleh pakai balik.

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Moose senyum malu2. Hahahahaha!!

And you are like SUPER TALL!

I envy you because taller people can pull any look and the look you ahd during bertandang suited you well.

BTW, thanks for the tip on finding cheap songkets! Am definitely gonna go there to get myself one! Crazy deal.

whitelacetale.weddings said...

Haha Moose! Samala my mermaid kain pun buat hal, habis sume gamba berarak nampak jalan kengkang sbb nak cover takut terpijak..sumpah menyesal hahaaa!

Btw babe, nice songket there!! Esp beading yang tak over merata2 :D

p/s : kasi no. acc :)

chenta said...

nice songket, kaler itu buat muka kamu nampak glowing!! oh btw, kulit kamu memang flawless. entry facial product satu!

ElyaElmo said...

moose..lawaa laa..ni turqoise ke baby blue?

Moose said...

okkkk, baru ada masa nak reply komen sume orang.

thank u! hehe, link jangan tak link. haha

i should take compliment for that. sbb tu idea i, die sketch n jahit je..hehe. nak jugak tu.

thanks. cantik sbb mekap tu. haha

Moose said...

tinggi sbb pakai heels kot. tapi ko mmg tinggi even tak pakai heels.

songket memang cantik and timeless klo kena gaya. kalau i tak pakai tudung, memang i all out macam orang dulu2 kawin dgn cucuk sanggul, dokoh segala. tapi pakai tudung, so cannot. hehe

thanks! my husband has a good eyes. dia yang pilih colour tu. heee

Moose said...

si kecil:
bongek. aku bukan control ayu la..tu candid tu candid. hahaha. well, sume baju kawin aku klo boleh memang purposely design utk boleh pakai balik. tu klo waistline permits la. kot lps ni membelon dengan jayanya, maka tak dapat la..

*touch wood!*

super tall cos i'm wearing like 4-inch heels kot masa tu! sampai my husband pun a bit inferior tgk i. haha. nasib baik his tanjak saves the day.

can pull off many looks, yes. tapi susah nak carik the suitable pants length or dress esp. in Msia. i'm in the craze of maxi skirt/dress tapi sangatlah susah nak cari appropriate length. dahla i have long legs compared to my upper body parts. lagi lah susah

Moose said...

haha. kain ni nak jalan no prob. tapi masa nak naik tangga tu susah sebab ketat dekat area lutut kan. dahla i ni bukan jenis nak reti control2 ayu. aiyoo. struggle sgt bila ingat balik. masa rehearsel rugi tak try dgn kain tu.

beading tk over sbb takde budget nak buat beading over2. hehe. furthermore i tak minat beading2 ni sgt. chunky, quirky beads, yes.

p/s: nnti i msg u my acc no! hehe

Moose said...

thanks flawless? flawless my ass. hahah. seriously good job done by kak sai. klo takde mekap hantu pun lari kot. hahaha.

no la babe, kulit i tak flawless la. even far from being one. i have dry sensitive skin. now i even have zits tau. huge one i tell you. tak hilang2 lagi since stress masa nk kawin aritu.

Moose said...

color die more to tiffany blue than turquoise. but a bit greenish.

ok, sekarang aku pun confuse. tapi lebih kurang kaler tiffany blue la..