Review: Wedding Dresses Part 2

The continuation of the wedding dresses review.

The Reception Dress

Like I previously mentioned, the design for this particular dress is a mix and match from 3 other designs that Unaisah had sketched. When I approached her in early July 2010, I specifically mentioned that I'd love to have pleated skirt if it still fits in my budget. The original design that I had in mind was as per photo below (far right) but decided to forgo the idea as H thought it was too simple.

Then Unaisah showed her compilation of pictures when one top caught my eyes. Happy, I decided to have the same design as the top for my dress. The bottom is a circular full pleated skirt inspired from the design below.

I can't remember the exact material name but rest assured it's not silk and not chiffon. And of course, not lace. At first, our choice was woolen satin but I hate satin regardless of its price, I still hate satin even if it costs RM1000 per meter. Then suddenly my eyes caught this material which I forgot what it's called. The price is way cheaper than that of woolen satin and it's heavy. The effect that Unaisah and I wanted so that the pleated skirt will falls nicely.

Since I already have that dramatic effect of full pleats on the bottom, she did only some minimal beading works on the top just to enhance the dress and add on some pearl buttons along the sleeves. I know that the design is simple but I love it regardless. I was overexcited and really looked forward to wear the dress on my wedding day along with the mantilla veil.

And speaking of the veil, back in the year 2006, I had saved a photo of mantilla veil that caught my attention at that time and would love to have quite the exact same one when my time finally comes. Alhamdulillah, I am very happy with the one that Unaisah made for she had delivered what I had imagined!

My taste may not the same as yours because each bride is different from one another. I know that I want something different from the usual and I am the kind of the person that would go for it. So I had it. And loved it. I don't care if it got me compliment or not because honestly it's not what I was looking for. But, one of my aunt did mentioned that my reception dress is so me. Phewww, glad that someone noticed! HAHA.

Next and final review on wedding dresses, my tandang dress.

p/s: That mantilla veil is up for rent!


reena said...

Laaaaa mana dress uuu?

ElyaElmo said...

alaa moose..cepat laa uplod pic :p

K.I.N.A said...

hai moose..;)..jom exchange link..

missbutterfly said...

ces..suspen btl.

si kecil said...

moose aku suka ayat makcik ko 'the dress is so you'.

LisaLisut said...

hi moose! i am a bride to be and aritu i ade buat post pasal mantilla veil yg i br tau term tu dr ur blog hehe. ada tak gmbr veil tu yg full? i nk tgk hehe.mana tau nnt berkenan bole i rent.i suke mantilla veil heheh

Reen Tart Nenas said...

i lurve ur veil!

Moose said...

i belum dapat gambar dari OP lagi but if you're interested maybe you can email me and i can show you the full details of the veil.


shueyshoelove said...

ish. saya dah tulis komen panjang2 tapi tak keluar. pfft. moose, saya nampak baju anda masa saya fitting dgn unaisah. sumpah cantik. simple tapi ada character. =)

Cieri said...

omg I love the last pic.so sweet!

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