Bali-moon (The Accommodation)

I have to put the review on my wedding on hold because

a) we still haven't received the pictures from our OP yet
b) H's harddisk has problem with its cable and hence I can't upload the photos
c) I don't have the back up file from his HD

In view of that facts, it seems useless to continue with the review without the pictures. Right?

Since I also have been receiving requests about our honeymoon in Bali, I guess, now is the time to share.

The Accommodation

We booked the return flight tickets from AirAsia sometime in March, if I am not mistaken. And booked our accommodation for the 5 days 4 nights stay through a travel agent during MATTA Fair in September 2010. We arranged our accommodation in such that we'd spent the first 3 days and 2 nights at a hotel in Kuta and the remaining days at a villa in Tanjung Benoa (near Nusa Dua).

The hotel that we stayed in Kuta is this newly built Aston at Grand Kuta Hotel & Residence. The room is quite large with a small kitchen area, living room and balcony. Breakfast buffet for two was included in the package. The breakfast option was so-so with only the selection of local and the normal continental breakfast. Nothing impressive. I don't know if it's me or us (because H felt the same too) but I think that food in Bali tasted a bit bland.

The hotel pool. They have 2 of such pools and I regretted for not using it!

For our 3rd night onwards, we stayed at The Bali Khama Villa in Tanjung Benoa and is situated at the beach side. It is actually a hotel but most of the rooms are arranged in a villa-like arrangement. Ours was the Romantic Pool Villa.

The beach

Taking a stroll at the main pool after breakfast

The walkaway to our villa

3104! That's ours

The pool

The living/lounge area and it is actually outside of the (bed)room as the villa has the whole open concept going on including the bathroom. See the door behind? It leads to the bedroom and bathroom

The king size bed! Finally, no flower petals strewn. Call me unromantic but I don't like the bed to be scattered with flower petals. Looks so messy.

The package that we took includes the daily breakfast buffet for two. Breakfast option was less compared to our first hotel but I guess maybe the villa has less guests that the food spread was also small. The waiter was not quite attentive that I had to ask over and over again for my coffee. Apart from that they were very polite. We also received complimentary fine dining dinner on the day we arrived. We had our "romantic yet dark" candle light dinner at the patio by the our private pool.

H's appetizer

Mine - Appetizer

H - Main course

Mine - Main course

Don't let the small serving size fools you. We were so full that we forgot to snap the dessert's photos. Hehe. Also, I can't seem to remember the fancy schmancy names of the dishes. But it's assured Halal.

Next, the activities. By activities I mean sight-seeing and other touristy related activities ok. Jangan fikir bukan-bukan ok. HAHA.


sarahsayangjiman said...

OMG cantek nyaa..ada pool kecik tepi bilik eh..romantik giler.

Moose said...

haah, bukak je sliding door bedroom tu boleh terus terjun dalam pool. haha

d i y a n a said...

weh serius lawa. sila rekomen kat aku nak pegi honeymoon sekali lagi. of course seb bek halal:)

p.s: sorry tak dapat pi kenduri hang.

Girls Like Me said...
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Girls Like Me said...

hye...im one of ur blog reader..anyway, i da link u yah..

mm ,if u dun mind, share la moree on ur experience at Bali,since i got one a wed gift (free stay at bali) n i dun have idea, which area yg best to go at Bali...

apepun, hotel u mmg best...nampak romantic je =) i loikeee

Moose said...

girls like me:

yes, i am sharing and doing review about my honeymoon in bali. but if you require more information about the whereabouts in bali, tripadvisor and wikitravel are the best medium to refer to since my review pun may not be that extensive

c@myK@m|L said...

Hi moose,i just booked the same villa that u stayed in bali, without knowing much about it. after reading ur positive review, i can say that my choice wasn't that bad (or is it?) hehe. just wondering, which travel agent that u took?

Moose said...


hi there. we booked the villa thru the triba east travel agency during matta fair in sept last year.

alhamdullilah everything went smoothly during our stay there cos if u read the reviews in tripadvisor they got some -ve feedbacks about the villa as well. we're keeping our fingers crossed that nothing of it happened to me. like i said, alhamdullilah, none of it didnt happen

sharma6789 said...

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