On Married Life

Being married is a bliss. Ok, scratch that. Being married is pure bliss. :)

Long gone were the days of countless trips to Jalan TAR, sleepless nights doing DIY projects and the ultimatum, the pain of looking at your monthly bank statement. I bet every ex-bride nodding to this, no?

Though being married is indeed a bliss, it also has its downside. I notice and have to live with the fact that the toothpaste, toilet paper, shower cream and other basic toiletries and cereal finished twice as fast than the usual and the amount of clothes to be folded also doubled. Heh.

Being married is also therapeutic because you have your own shrink that is bonded for life except the service is FOC! Like whenever I am down or stressed out with my job/daily routine or the fact that my career is going nowhere, I at least have someone that I can count on and cry to. Or, get a hug or two. I bet, no shrink in the world would ever do that!

People often say that change is good. Change for the better is good. Alhamdulillah, being married in a way has made me a better person. I curse less (but not when I am driving alone. Haha!), got my temper checked and as of late, I frown less too. I have this habit of frowning my forehead a bit too much and frequent and apparently my husband is afraid of me getting premature wrinkles (that or he's plainly annoyed) that every now and then he HAS to stop me from doing it! Hehe.

I also has started cooking again. Oh yes, I cook. Five years studying overseas has taught me a lot of recipes. Some googled, some are hand-down recipes from mom, from friend's and some are created (out of trial and error) by none other that yours truly. Surprise, surprise! As much as I would consider myself as a modern woman, I couldn't help but feel that it is a must for every woman to know how to cook. If you don't know, you learn. Cooking cannot be inherited, it's a skill that must be learn and mastered over the years. Like riding a bike. You'll get a hang of it. Slowly, but you'll get it. Alhamdulillah, I am blessed with a husband who is not a fussy eater. As long as the meal has at least 1 veggie dish, he'll be happy as a clam. And it's my turn to be happy as a clam if he's doing the dishes afterwards. HAHA. 

2 months and counting. Insya Allah.

So, how's married life treating you so far?


reena said...

Aawww..Love the last pic.

Baca entry ni buat i tak sabaq nak kawin. Huhu.

Aida Narina said...

your entry just made me want to have my wedding like right now! :D

LisaLisut said...

hi moose.100% true.wpun i tak kawin lg,if body aching bole ask husband to massage for free lol.

errr i hope masalah i suka cursing like a chimney bole hilang after married.i pn ade problem cursing while driving alone.sgt kurg sabar bila drive.haish..and nak kurg sigh-ing.hehe.tgh practice from now.but sll fail ;p

sumpit said...

the curse is so true!
mana taknya, asyik kena sound je. now, only 'shit' is left in my curse vocab. Tu pon still kena sound sbb silap skit je, nasi ke, buku ke, air menitik ke sume pun kena panggil shit by yours truly....

shampoo, sabun, colgate tu pon betol gak.

tp penatnya pon bertambah gak weh, especially for a control freak like me... anyway, tgh dok blajar2 nak pasrah when things do go my way ni.

now tht, i think is one very important thing b2bs need be aware of :D

T said...

I never pay attention about the bathroom stuff coz we have a lot of them. But the cups & glasses usage increase exponentially. We use like 10 new cups a day. It drives me crazy but I am just as guilty. As for laundry, my spouse is responsible for most of it, I only need to put away my own laundry because he "apparently" doesn't know how to fold my stuff and doesn't know where each piece should go.

As far as food goes, I cook most of our meal (other options would be take-out or eat out). I'm still in the process of teaching my spouse on how to cook, but we have a long way to go for that. Thank god we have a lifetime together.

Simply said I love being married too :-)

choclairissa @ intan said...

agreed! (with nodding head)

yups..marriage life really change me now..less sleep..less tv movies..less goyang2 kaki..more to think cam esok nak masak apa? baju keje x iron lagi..rumah kene kemas..sangat penat..but..all tiredness for the person i love very much..isn't it worth? dapat pahala summore..hehe :)

Moose said...

reena & Aida
glad that i inspired you girls to get married in a way. hehe. trust me, as cliche as it sounds, being married is the best feeling in the world!

Reen Tart Nenas said...

alhamdulillah, semua nya baik n smooth sekali. even though kurang masa untuk pegi travel coz baru 3 bulan jadi, mcm2 hal family including my dad baru passed away last week, tp both of us bersyukur sbb sentiasa bersama walaupun bukan dlm situasi yg menggembirakan.

masak? my fav! terasa jadi chef plak!