Bali-moon (The Activities) - Part 3

Sorry for the delay and where did I leave you guys off the other day?

Ah yes, the day 4 and 5.

Day 4

Since our villa is situated in Tanjung Benoa and is famous for its water sport activities, we were recommended by our supir to try out one of the water sport activities. Since neither H nor I were feeling adventurous on that day, we decided to stay dry and chose to visit the Turtle Island. The Turtle Island is a so-called island, which is 20 minutes boat journey from the mainland.

The boat has see-through bottom

Little fishes. Nampak tak? Ok, siapa tak nampak pendek umur. Haha.

Poor sea turtle being held captive.

Sea turtle

Back from the Turtle Island, we went to Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park (GWK). The GWK as the name suggested is a cultural park with the main attraction being the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue picturing the Lord Wisnu riding the Garuda. The statue however hasn't been completed yet and is scheduled to be completed in year 2014 (or so I've been told).

My husband doing his best to mimic Lord Wisnu statue
Lord Wisnu ada six-pack. Don't play play ahh.

We then went to the ever beautiful Dreamland Beach or now known as the New Kuta Beach. It really lives up to its name. The sandy white beach, the blue crystal clear water. So magnificent. The downside - it was cloudy on that day.

Dreamland Beach

From there, we went to Uluwatu to watch the anticipated Kecak Dance and to see its famous sunset there. OMG, when we arrived, the wind was so strong that I swear, if you give me an umbrella, I can do a Mary Poppins.

View from the cliff in Uluwatu

Due to bad weather, the fire show was cut short. Sadly, we didn't have the chance to view the sunset either. Sick of eating all the so-called "international" food for the past 4 days, we longed to try out some of the local dishes. It's hard to find halal local Balinese food, so Pak Anto took us to his friend's shop. Her Ayam Penyet is probably one of the best that we've ever eaten so far! No pictures taken sebab dah kebuluran tahap dewa lepas tu makan memang tak pandang orang sebab pece lele dan ayam penyet diaa memang sedap gile kot!

Day 5

Our last day in Bali. After breakfast, we were supposed to have our complimentary spa at the villa but due to strong wind the night before the spa was closed. But, they came to our villa and set it all up there. We had the spa at our own comfort villa! Hehe.

The massage was good. The therapist was good in hitting all the pressure points, no too strong and mild. H and I dozed off right after they massaged us. Hehe. We had boreh scrub, papaya yogurt mask followed with flower bath. Later, we had yummy hot ginger tea served. What an awesome service to wrap up our honeymoon!

We boarded the flight at about 1.30 pm bidding goodbyes to wonderful experience that we had in Bali.

I would recommend Bali if you love to explore new places, cultures and beaches as much as I do. Bali has a lot to offer and so much to see. Spending about 4-7 days in Bali is the best because some places are far from each other and the journey might take whole day. Despite spending 5 days there, there are still places that we didn't go due to time constraint.

To those who are planning to go to Bali, I would advise you to do your research and plan well. For instance, read Tripadvisor or Wikitravel for reference on places to go and where to stay. Visit MATTA Fair (held biannually in March and September) for amazing and attractive deals on accommodation and even flight tickets. You are free to ask and email me about places that I went but please bear in mind, my knowledge is limited to what I know. It may not be as extensive as you want it so if you require further information, I would advise you to read the two websites that I mentioned.

Yay, I am done with the honeymoon review!

p/s: Sorry gambar tunggang-terbalik. I don't know what is wrong with Blogger!


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