Review: Wedding Decoration (Final)

The centerpiece and the initial
The Centerpiece

My centerpiece decoration is a simple one. I used recycled sauce bottles/mason jars that I've collected for the past 10 months. As for the flowers, yellow pompom chrysanthemum and white daisies were used. Then I filled the jar with this yellow gel-like balls that expand in water. Sorry for the long description as I totally forgot what's the thingamajing is called. Then the jar was tied of with grey ribbon. A simple centerpiece that took me less than 30 minute. Since I had not collected enough jars/bottles to cater the 20 tables that we had, I only use the centerpiece to decorated the tables at the VIP tent and there were about 7 of them.

The S&H initials

The initials

One week prior to our wedding, a friend of mine got married. She had the whole garden concept for her wedding since it was held at Taman Rimba TTDI. It was a combined reception of hers and her sister. One of the wedding decoration were the S & H initial. Both her and her husband had the same initial (S) and that of her sister and her BIL is H. I am mostly known as Moose among my friends but Syikin to my family and my husband's. Well, at times I feel like I have split personality because I have to juggle of being called by 2 different name. But H is still H. So, I borrowed 2 sets from her and had it decorated with white daisies. The initials were put as a backdrop for our makan beradap (so-called je la) and at the front gate of my house (as you can see in our solemnization video).

The Hantaran

Being the gigih bride that I was and feeling too much creative at that time, I did ALL 7 of the hantaran arrangement to H myself. It was easy because I already knew what flowers I wanna use, how the arrangement gonna be like etc. albeit it was my first time doing hantaran arrangement. So it was easy peasy. Flowers used were green/white eustoma, white peacock, sweet william, and yellow pompom in some of the dulang. As for the white base, it's a white ceramic plate bought from KK Home Deco at only RM2 per piece! And it can be used as a serving plate later which what I am using right now. Talks about being practical! Hehe. The dulang was rented from my cousin's daughter's friend at RM3 per piece.

Patchi chocolates

Macaroons, Gucci perfume set, Hugo Boss shoes

Custom-made shirt & JOOP! belt, Lab Series skin care, wedding ring


I draped the two roman pillars at our car porch with fresh ivy leaves to create that garden-y feeling since the wedding was held at home and we do have small garden surrounding the house compound. I don't have the picture but you can catch the glimpse of in our solemnization video.

I handmade all the fabric flower headbands worn by my cousins and my cousin's kids. The same fabric flowers were worn by the wedding committee as corsage. The fabrics used were leftover from my mom's thai silk and my sister's chiffon in various shades of gray, and yellow and white tulle bought at Kedai Riben at Jalan TAR. I used flower-shaped button to complete the flowers. The tutorial can be google-d. I can't remember exactly where I found mine but I am sure, there are many out there.

Ottoman pillow

During our solemnization, we had two Ottoman pillows rented out from Ashylla of White Lace Tale Wedding. She's very pleasant to deal with. If you are interested in having the same Ottoman pillows on your solemnization, kindly contact her for further details.

The guests tents were decorated with white and yellow paper lantern of various sizes bought from Petaling Street. I am planning to sell off all the paper lantern up to 50% off its original price. I have about 50 pieces of yellow and white (various size) lanterns. Email me if you are interested to buy. If you need it urgently, you may have to bear the postage charge since they are at my parents' house in Perlis.

Don't worry if this post is too wordy and you wanna see some pictures. Pics will be uploaded soon as I am updating from work. It's one of those rare times where the boss isn't around and be demanding and ridiculous until I cannot breath.

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