Review: Make-up

Solemnization & Reception

My MUA for both solemnization and reception in Perlis was Kak Ram. I was introduced to her by Qistin when I panicked and started searching for MUA during my engagement. Qistin had Kak Ram on her day, as well as Sumpit. Nasrah had her during her engagement. Betulkan?

Kak Ram was punctual and bought along her friend, who turned to be a great entertainer among us because she is very friendly and bubble and did a great job in calming me after a-know-it-all aunty masuk campur and tried to ruin everything incident.

I love Kak Ram's touch and had no complaints whatsoever. For the price that I paid, I personally think she did a good job. I asked for natural look during solemnization and got it. I asked for smokey eyes and smoldering look during reception and she nailed it. I even instructed her not to use any pink hues on my face because my skin has yellow undertone and pink would made look washed out (the reason why I don't wear pink!), not too much obvious shading because I personally think shading is so passe. She listened and delivered.

During the reception dolled up session, she was feeling experimental that she added gold-ish tone to my lipstick and I ended up looking fierce (not Tyra Bank's fierce but mak tiri fierce). When I complained she changed the colour into something softer (I think coral) and I ended up looking pretty. HAHAHA. Muntah!

She's a nice person to work with and you'll feel at ease.

OMG, I can't believe that my skin would actually look this flawless. That's the power of good make-up tools and skilled MUA y'all.
Can you believe that this picture was taken after we had our makan beradap and under scorching hot sunlight at 5pm? Make-up still stays.


I think I was very lucky to have Kak Sai on H's reception. Kak Sai is actually MIL's second cousin and the best thing is that we got harga sedara y'alls! Hehe.

I really let Kak Sai did her magic on my face this time. Kire ala-ala let loose la gitu. Because I trust her and so far her works are superb. Have you not seen all the celebrities that she dolled up? Gorgeous to the max!

Kak Sai came with her friend Azie. A bit late because she went to the wrong hotel! HAHA. She waited for about 30 minute at the lobby of Grand Dorsett Subang only to realize that our room's number is not even exist. Of course la sebab we're at Concorde Shah Alam! Lucky she still had ample to work her magic and honestly, I've never felt any prettier! Muntah hijau. HAHA

The problem with me is that I can't carry much make-up on my face or I'll end up looking like an extra from Chinese Opera. I can't even wear heavy fake eyelashes because my eye's shape. So, to have both MUA successfully nailed it in making me pretty, I couldn't be happier.

Whoever MUA that you choose is subjected to your preference. Regardless of the price that you pay, be it RM1000 per session or at mere RM500, make sure that it's worth the money. Though make-up no doubt will indeed make you look pretty, I believe inner beauty plays an important role.

Jadi, bersihkan hati anda dari sebarang perasaan iri hati dan hasad dengki. Banyakkan mengambil wudu' (petua cliche artis), insya Allah kecantikan dalaman anda akan lebih menyerlah. Ya Allah, apa poyo benar ayat aku ni! Ampun please?! HAHA.


Reen Tart Nenas said...

saye suka time kawen ari tu, coz serius rasa cam supermodel ada org tolong make up kan jadi lebih chantek... hehehe

HipHopLess said...

How's married life so far?

bride2wife said...

couldn't agree more on the last 2 paragraphs...haha

Freak said...

motif amik gambar konon2 tido haha

axie said...

Salam kenal

reena said...

I suka Kak Ram's touch masa your solemnization. So natural & cantik macam u tak pakai makeup sangat!

Moose said...

sorry for the hiatus people. now i am back!

betul tu. time kahwin la nak berangan jadi supermodel/diva kan sebab orang mekap and siap2 kan kita. kot hari lain, nan ado! haha

married life is a bliss, so far. still in honeymoon phase kot? hehe

kan? haha. tapi bunyi cam poyo. haha

bukan tido la. tu pose ala2 romantic. konon la!

yup, her touch is amazing and she's very detail tau. i am glad that i took her. takyah nak import MUA mahal2 from KL.

♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

Babe, aku dah tengok kak Sai make up live 2x. dan kedua2nya sgt cantek, flaless.
rase macam dia tak tepek tebal2 pun, padahal dah macam2 dia letak. tapi still glowing sgt n walllllahh!

plus, kau memang cantek! jadi tak perlu kata apa2! SENYUM! :)

mieza isa said...

u look gorgeous time akad nikah! :D
saya pun tak menyesal hire kak ram waktu tunang aritu hee..

btw, lanterns yg u nak juai tu available lagi x?? :)

Yanie said...

moose sangat cantik!!! i loike!!!