Wedding Mishaps

It's only been two month, yet I find that it's already irrelevant for me to still gush over my wedding. Is it somewhat normal or I just lack the bride genes in my bones?

However, I promise I will continue with the reviews that I owe you guys. Soon, insya Allah.

Little people know that there were mishaps happened on the wedding day. Oh yes, a simple wedding such as mine also had its fair share of misfortune. Naturally, I was upset. Wait, I was furious but decided to let it all go on the day itself. Why? Because, if your only dream is to be married to your beloved fiance and that the akad is the only thing that matters the most to you, then cliche enough, everything else doesn't matter. So it happened to me. And I let it go knowing that at that time, I am already his wife. And that what matters the most, to me.

Let me tell you what exactly had happened.

  • The caterer (from Jitra Hell).   
    Boy, do they know how to spoil everything! During discussion with my parents, they said that no additional charge for marquee tent. 1 week prior setting up, they said that it was a mistake made and a marquee tent will be charged extra at RM50/tent. They also promised to come at least 1 day early to set up the table and chairs. But they come right after the akad nikah makan-makan.  My parents were pissed off like hell. I was this close of cursing them (don't get me started on my cursing skill). Lucky we have concern relatives who helped and set up the tables. Don't get me started on the fact that they are so lame that they couldn't provide me white table clothes and white tent-scallop that I requested. Amboi, masa discussion semua aku boleh dapat kononnya siap kerabat Kedah lagi konon client, that I had to settle for grey tent-scallop and maroon(!) table clothes.

    I had no control over the set up of the main table and all because they were late, remember? It didn't surprise me that it turned out to be so old fashion and fugly. The only modern looking piece at the so-called VIP tent was the centerpiece and the paper lanterns hung at the tent.

    The fugly main table set up and my centerpiece

    Food presentation was out. I had neither Udang Panjat nor Ayam Golek Berhias as the main dish. It was like dining at a warung. Food was cold and tasteless (this probably to the fact that I was pissed off). I don't know about the rest but I was not enjoying the food, at all. The caterer gets bad review from me, for life. They lucky that they got my parents as their client. Had they had me, they'll be miserably in hell.

    •  The DJ (Syok Sendiri)
    This is also another mood spoiler. A good one at it. For someone who listen to various kind of music genres, from Indie to Pop to Jazz to Oldies, wedding songs selection is somewhat crucial to me. I had handpicked different genres of wedding songs from Indie, Jazz, Oldies and Pop in three languages (German, Malay and English) only to hear Memori Daun Pisang being played at my wedding! Trust me, had my husband weren't there to calm me down, I'd go and slap the DJ for his song choices had offended me for I consider myself to have good taste in music. I instructed my sister to politely ask him to play MY songs only for him to brush her off. How rude! And he had the nerve to ask my dad for RM 250 the next day when he told us it was only RM 150! Lucky, there was no karaoke session or I'd went ballistic!
      Some people really has the nerve to ruin other people's wedding.

      • Red-eye
      Since I had nikah and reception on the same day, naturally I was dolled up twice. I faced no problem during the nikah makeup session. Kak Ram (MUA) was punctual and I love his touch. But during the second session, it was either the eyeshadow pigment accidentally got into my eyes or my contact lens got dirty that it redden my left eye. Makeup was abruptly stopped and we had to wait for my cousin to buy Eye Mo to ease the redness. The redness subdued but it still was visible. Because of that I was late and my poor husband and his whole rombongan had to wait for me at the porch as he didn't get my SMS to come a bit late. Oh well, a bride got to do what a bride got to do. Fashionably late, that is. Hehe.

      So ladies, keep Eyo Mo in handy, ok?

      Enlarge to see the redness
      • Last minute drama
      What is a wedding without all the unnecessary drama, right? A know-it-all aunt masuk campur few minutes before my husband's rombongan came and tried to change all the plans that had been made months before. She went yapping about the set up of the hantaran trays and what not, about the carpet arrangement, (honestly who would bother about the carpet on the floor?) that my mother went all pasrah and had to mengadu to me. Guess what did I say?

      "I don't give a damn (for fuck might offended my mother at that times - but wait, I think I did say fuck, haha) about what she thinks, today is my wedding day!! My, my, my!"

      That my mother had to shut that particular aunt up. I didn't know what exactly my mother said, but when I came out of the room, everything looked exactly like it had been planned before. Either that or I didn't notice and couldn't be bothered at all. HAHA.

      Lesson learned; Do not mess up with a bride especially when she's having her period. I repeat, DO NOT! HAHA.

      • OP came alone
      We took a package and in that package 2 OP should be there to cover our wedding. Our OP's friend bailed out on him last minute so we were left with only him covering for the whole 2 events. I am not upset because it was not entirely his fault but we are looking for some kind of compensation. This issue is still pending but I hope H will bring out his best negotiating skill. I don't know if my OP knows/reads my blog but if you're reading this, kindly thinks the best way because we pay good money based on the package that we took.

      Well, that are the only mishaps that I could think of right now. I am in a way not still bitter over what had happened but it's just that I feel the need to share and who knows, maybe 5 or 10 years from now, can and had good laugh over these.


      reena said...

      OMG very the drama! Tapi yang caterer tu memang tak patut btol la. Sebab kita bagi orang makan. Hish macam mana la depa ni buat biz. Tak pa la. anggap ini kenangan untuk hari tua :)

      sumpit said...

      ohboy ohboy ohboy...
      similar thing happened to me, hun :)

      dj syok sendiri, aisehhhh... the day b4 the event, confident ckp semua format bole main. So we thot of giving them our cd, skali dia ckp xleh lak. Bukan main lagu typical kawin jek, dia dok iklan kedai perabot la, klinik la, apa lg tah, aduh...

      i told my sis to go and shut him up, at the very least la kan sbb cd kitorg dah dia xleh main, but to no avail. Last2, i went to him personally mintak main lagu je, takyah ckp2 (tp dgn baik2la). Then he asked me, "karaoke, nak?"

      Arrrggghhh, takpela, i understand tht these people xpaham concept yg kita nak, so dlm geram2 tu, i just let it go la...

      And the OP thing tu satu lg hal! I'm not angry at them 'cos it not their fault. But I'm super pissed at airasia, but i think u know the stori oredi... rasa nak saman je, tp sbb dah lepas, cam pasrah je...

      my caterer pon satu hal. Konon nak provide org ceduk nasi, skali tarak, in the end, pengapit kena ceduk. Awal2 ckp penah serve raja la ape kejadahnya... so wht do i care kalu they treat commoners like dirt. geram betol! Tp nasib lauk sedap n my frens suma suka, so x marah sgt sbb minor je pon, cuma geram sbb ckp tak serupa bikin!

      byk lg geram, tp cukup la kot... dah mcm nak hijack yr blog lak nanti hahahaha

      chenta said...

      moose, sumpit!! if u dont mind, share saat katering mana yang caca marba sangat tu! wedding aku nanti kat jitra ni, TAKUT!!

      Xora said...

      saya pun tak suka dj saya. cakap cam ada makanan dalam mulut, satu apa tak jelas. ada hati nak buat karaoke kat majlis aku, mmg depan2 dia aku kata taknak *sambil senyum menyeringai kat dia. Kalau dia buat gak, serius, aku baling aje barang gamelan kat kepala dia :D

      Ami said...

      caterer tue mmg nak kene sepak!
      tapi masa wedding kitorang dulu lagi dahsyat,takdak letrik masa harith sampai boleh tak??hahaha senyap sunyi jadi nye majlis,dj senyap,lampu pelamin takde,semua org makan2 cepat2 dan balik la sebab panas ;p

      0sh!Nz d' sen0r!ta said...

      drama drama drama!!! fuh. penat kot macam ni.

      pet said...

      Hi moose,

      my first time comment kat sini. Oh dear,my biggest fear bila dj main lagu2 pelik/ jiwang putus cinta/ karaoke. Even you dah bagi cd pun dowang still buat suka hati ye.

      Goodness, i guess i just have to warn the dj nanti yang i will not pay him kalau main lagu selain dari my cd, boleh ka..hahaha

      choclairissa @ intan said...

      huuuu..i dont have prob with caterer+dj..tapi part mekap during reception agak out..u punye kes sbnrnye lagi teruk dari i..

      sarahsayangjiman said...

      aku pon ada problem ngn caterer!! suka2 ati dorang je nak tukar last minute kan!

      Moose said...

      mail me at snowyqueeny@yahoo.com if u wanna know the caterer's name- i feel that it's unethical to reveal the name openly in the blog.

      rini.borhan said...

      oh terlambat komen..biase la ape yg dirancang tak menjadi kan..tp u ok lg..dlm pic sume nmpak ok but mine..huishh..sdeyh..kn cri pic bebetul nk sorok yg tak best tu..kalo tak mau seumur hidup dok terigt..

      p.s: nk igt yg indah2 je.. :)

      nurul.ismile said...

      Hi all.ni nurul.boleh share mekap punya contact no or emel kat jitra x.nk lg smgu je majlis bertandang kt jitra 27mei2012.thanx! i.nurulhuda@yahoo.com.my