Wakeup Call

These days, I found that I have to literally pick myself up in the morning. Cuddling under the duvet with the husband is more appealing than the thought of embracing the massive traffic jam and congested roads, the workload and unnecessary troubles at the office that I have to face everyday. So whenever the morning alarm rings dutifully at 6.15 am, in my mind I'd wish;

  • to call in sick or take a half-day leave
  • no traffic jam so that I can speed my way to the office within 30 minutes instead of the usual 11/2 hour drive.
  • it's the weekend
  • it's a public holiday

So I hit the snooze button.


Qis said...

Even if you lived 15 minutes away from a pleasant workplace, you'd still be wishing for the same thing... Trust me, because I do! ;D

Amalina said...


aku dah 3 jumaat kot tersilap, ingatkan ari tu ari sabtu..and ade skali tu, aku siap tutup alarm and ckp kat diri sendiri, no need to wake up early as today's is saturday, thank god! seb baek tersedar balik...hahha

Moose said...

lagi dekat lagi malas kot? hehe. my former workplace was just a 10 minutes drive from my house, yang tu pun malas jugak!

aku setakat wish je. belum pernah lagi jadi betul. hehe