My (Blogging) Life

When I first started blogging back in the year 2004, the blogging world was small. Blogging was relatively unknown to most Malaysian back then. I need a space to vent out my anger and frustration after my then almost 2 years relationship died on me. So I blogged. I have to admit that for some time, it was filled with negative vibes as I found the comfort of venting out in written form. That writing is therapeutic to me. That whatever building up inside of me erupted as soon as I jotted them down, in words.

I was, after a series of blog URL change, at one time of my (blogging) life, became an anonymous blogger. I used a pseudonym to camouflage my track so that none of my friends and foes (not that I have any, I hope!) know my existence in the cyber world. It gave me freedom in a way that I can write whatever I want about whoever I want.

However after much influence of watching too much Project Runway, reading too much fashion articles and the booming of fashion blogs, supported with my then shopping habits, I once was a fashion blogger. But it didn't last long due to my laziness of taking photos and final semester projects that needed me to concentrate more on the projects rather than on my clothes, I left my inner fashionista and settled for something least obvious. I became me. A nobody who loves writing in the cyber diary.

Blogging has somewhat evolved. I used to frequented famous blog mostly Malaysian living overseas such as Kak Teh, Atenah, Alin etc. Well, just to name a few because over time, most of their names had slipped my mind. Blogging back then was all about writing, sharing and caring. No anonymous hate comments. Everyone was polite and respects each other. It was such a joy to read all the positive, funny and sometimes witty comments. In a way, life was pretty simple. These days, you can't even write a sentence without having it misinterpret and being judged. You bought a new branded handbag and people called you show-off. Your husband treated you well and people said you did something unholy to the husband. You get what I mean?

Back then, there were no AdSense, no Nuffnang, no money generated income from blogging. It was a simple straight forward deal. You write and people read (or sometimes don't). Nowadays, people do take pride in being a blogger. Yelah, a "famous" blogger can earn up to RM 10,000 alone from blogging. What is there not to be proud of!

It's funny how some people get into blogging because it is just the "in" thing to do. How they take pride in being a "blogger" when sometimes, all they did was plagiat others entry and make into their own. Worst case I have heard, someone not only plagiat the whole blog, s/he even had the nerve to plagiat the whole life! What a loser, really. And don't even get me started on the language used. That deserves another story of its own.

I have no conclusion to end up this entry because I am merely sharing my (oh-so-little) experience. Well, isn't blogging is all about sharing?


reena said...

"These days, you can't even write a sentence without having it misinterpret and being judged." WORD! And dont forget Twitter pun. Agree sangat2 dengan u. Dulu blogging world lain gila dengan hari ni. I pelik pasaipa orang bangga sangat setakat jadi 'blogger'. Tak dak maknanya la aihhh.

Moose said...

Hear! Hear! Tak paham kenapa ada setengah orang bangga sangat jadi "blogger". Cam cult status gitu. Reena, you have no idea what's going on in the wedding blog world. Bridezilla(s) on crack I tell you. Haha.

cik yaya said...

i hope u still have the old url of urs.lagi2 part fashion blogger.makan hati hana tajima tau kekeke

i didn't delete mine.tp aku private,pastu aku lupa password,pastu aku lupa dgn email2 password sekali.pandai nye kau aliaa.pastu abes blaja create new one sampai dah nak jd mak org da

i do not think those bridezillas had interest in reading deep thing like this.cuba letak tajuk kasut saya cantik mcm cinderela.berduyun ko org klik

si kecil said...

hehe..well said. aku pun weh. tp ada blog yg aku dah delete. ada yg masih anonymous sampai skang. hahaha..sikecil saja yg betul2 public. aku rasa aku dah boleh masuk group vongga. hahaha..

sumpit said...

eh, samala! i started in 2004 too, and still maintain the same blog, same layout, just not the same comment system- used haloscan, but since they deleted all of my old comments, i moved back to blogger. Guess i'm just too lazy to change, still use my old mobile no from 2000 too!

Moose said...

makan hati hana tajima, tak tahan! blog lama dah takde sebab aku ubah url so url lama dah takleh trace. tapi banyak benda merepek, you guys dont wanna read. hehe. tapi aku ada 1 vintage blogshop yang skrg dah defunct. hehe.

yela, lepas ni aku ubah title entry jadi, makeup artist murah pakai kasut cinderella. sure banyak hits! haha.

Moose said...

si kecil:
seronok jadi anonymous blogger. blh selamba tulis. i miss that. hehe. ok, group vongga tu ape? dr aritu si yaya asik vongga vongga. vongga tu menatang ape?

Moose said...

kire ko cam sentimental la. haha. aku ubah sebab 1st blog aku banyak negative dari positive and kutuk orang kaw-kaw tak ingat. siap ada orang makan hati lagi dengan aku. so malas nak carik gaduh stay low tukar URL jadik anonymous blogger kejap.

sekarang, aku rasa malas nak tukar2 URL. but, i am more careful of what i write.

papaYA said...

Blogging anonymously sama macam tulis diary secara moden :)
tapi sekali orang dah kenal, erk.....

Haneesa said...

hiya moose.

I started blogging around 2004 as well and yes, you are right. back then, i could blog about anything and everything and felt safe about it. no such thing as competition as to whose blog got the most followers, views or money (!!!).

hopefully masih ada a few "bloggers" like you, me and others yang menulis bukan semata-mata untuk popularity etc. but more for their passion of sharing without.

and hopefully lebih ramai out there yang tak melompat and misjudge orang lain yang sincerely share without bad intentions kan?


happy blogging to all of us out here

Haneesa said...

* oops typo : sharing without being judged :)